POR french quarter opinions. cm


well we all know aobut my doomed trip. well to save money we well I but dh agreed decided to rebook for a value. I like pop and we were able to save money… well dh has been acting strange since i did that. over the weekend he finally admitted he is disappointed that we were not staying at a moderate. … so I emailed our poor travel agent and he got us into POR French quarter, riverside was sold out. . this will be the first time staying there. … im excited. any opinions. what buildings are best?


i just read the other thread on this from donny d. … so i got my answers. we will be there for our 29th… October 23 to the 30th.


I was going to point you to the other post. You will love it. Very quiet, small and quaint. One thing I did not mention, and others did not either, is that they have a lounge / bar with entertainment. Low key, but fun and relaxing.


We may see you there. We will be there on Oct. 24-27 and I can’t wait. We love it there.


I can’t believe we will all be there at the same time - it’s my 1st time at pofq and i’m sooo excited - no definite plans but i want to try the lounge

also looking forward to a leisurely boat ride to dtd


I have stayed in buildings 2, 4 and 5. There is not a bad one in the bunch… They are close to everything, and it such a great hotel! Have fun!


Yes, I mentioned in another thread, there is this great entertainer in the lounge area. Hope he’s still there for you. He is unbelievable. Has like 20 instruments lined up, and plays every single one of them. Just a great time to sit and relax, and enjoy the talent.


You will have a great time, it is a very nice and cozy sized resort. Any building is a good choice.


I am the odd Dopey out. I hated it. I prefer POR.


I LOVED POFQ. Small, everything close, little walk to the bus stops. You’ll have a wonderful time. Of course we have a wonderful time staying at POP too!