POR How early can we check in?


We are flying into MCO late Monday night in order to check in early to POR. I know they wont officially give us a room until later in the day, but what time can we check in and begin using the facilities?



I’ve checked in as early as 8 AM. Your vacation package and tickets are active and available as soon as you arrive and check in. I’ve even had my room available that early as well, but don’t expect it.


^Yup. I checked in at 10AM last Sept. and went right to the parks.


We usually don’t arrive until late afternoon on the flights we have from the UK but I was talking to a lovely couple when we were there in April and they said that they had arrived at 07:30 in the morning and although their tickets etc where activated immediately, their room was not available to them until midday.
The porter’s looked after their luggage until they could access their room and they just relaxed in the pool and explored the resort.
I guess, you have to be lucky. Right time right place kinda thing.


We checked in at 7 am for our stay at BWV and our room was ready. A few years ago we checked in at 7 am, got our room key with our tickets and hit the parks.


We checked in during the early hours of the morning about 1 a.m our allocated room was available and we were able to go right to it-however, maybe that was just lucky.


I dont think they have a specific time for you to check in at because of all the random flight times etc! The have a checking out time but I can’t remember what it was, maybe 11am? The only thing you usually have to wait for is you room to be ready if you check in so eary!


We checked in POFQ between 7 & 8 AM.


The paperwork all says check in at 3 PM, but what that really means is your room isn’t expexted to be ready for you until 3 PM.


A few weeks ago we checked into POR at 845am and our room wasn’t ready until 3pm although they were able to tell us what building we were going to be in. We called several times, but it was worth the wait when we finally got it! At check-in we had our tickets activated and our DDP and we went to MK and did some things and then had lunch while we waited on our room.