POR info needed


We’re going in March and I’m planning on either POFQ or POR. POFQ is if fil goes along then a kid can bunk with him. POR is if fil doesn’t go and we need a trundle for kid #3.

I’ve never stayed at POR and am curious about how it compares to POFQ. I know it’s southern and etc. But is there a certain building/area we should ask for? We loooove POFQ and are kinda sad we won’t be staying there if fil doesn’t go, so I’m trying to find some YAYS about POR that I can throw at the kids. They are kinda mad that POR doesn’t have the dragon slide and that we’d have to walk to POFQ for beignets. Lord save me from stubborn 9, 7, and 5 yr olds. :blink:

Now I’m off to look at All ears menu’s, the kids are requesting sausage/gravy biscuits if it’s really a southern hotel. AAAHHH!


k, found SOME info…trundle beds are ONLY in Alligator Bayou??? All Ears doesn’t mention them in Magnolia Bend (which was where I was hoping to stay).


We stayed at POR our last trip. I think I mentioned it when you asked about it on FB. We really liked it. We stayed in Magnolia Bend(the Acadian House) and there was no trundle bed in our room. We requested MB because they have elevators and I had the stroller with PJ and Madelyn. PJ loved the slide, Old Man Island is fun(I even loved the slide). They’ve got Boatwright’s, which is a cool building with a paddle wheel. I liked the decor a lot more than POFQ too, a lot more toned down.


Trundles are only available in Alligator Bayou, we just stayed in one of the trundle rooms in Aug. and DD4 slept on the trundle. Having stayed in both, I actually like the AB area better than MB. POFQ is also our favorite mod. because of the small size, but we’ve had to move up to POR because we need the trundle now. The theming is really beautiful at POR and DS10 actually told me this week that he liked POR better than POFQ.


We are huge fans of both POFQ and POR. Our fav is POFQ purely because of the small size and quaint feel. However, POR is a beautiful resort. We prefer the Alligator Bayou section, we find it more private and it has a real resort-like feel. While the kids love the Dragon slide at POFQ, we actually prefer the POR pool. It has a bit more theming behind it, I believe it is a bit bigger and it has a fun slide. We also like the option of the private pools located throughout the resort.
You can’t go wrong with whatever resort you choose. You’ll have a great time.


We chose to stay at POFQ in January and thought it was a huge mistake. POR is more our thing and that’s alright.
There is a picture thread on the Disboards I am trying to find it for you and will post a link.


ok, here it is, there are hundreds of pictures starting on page 2. There are a lot of comments as well, as you can imagine, just scroll through.

Staying at Riverside : Show me pics, get me excited!! - Page 39 - The DIS Discussion Forums - DISboards.com


I prefer POR to POFQ, but my dh likes POFQ mainly because of the size. POR is bigger, no question, but the decor is different, and the grounds are lovely! I thought the mansion side was quieter, but to each his own, and if you need the trundle, then you have to go with Alligator Bayou.

I think your kids will love the pool, though, I know my boys liked it a lot, and we have gone over there from POFQ to swim.


We stayed at POR because of the trundles and we LOVED IT. The grounds are beautiful. Building 18 is a great one to stay in for proximity to pool, buses and dining. The lounge is great entertainment for kids when the piano guy is singing(drawing a blank on the name).


Wow thanks Dopey great pics, I’ll have to show the kids tomorrow.

I wanted MB since it’s more to MY liking, looks wise. Though maybe I can swing fil towards POR and stay in the MB section if he goes?? Hmmm…I’m sure the kids will like either fine. I wish WDW site had more pics like it used to, unless I’m just missing them.

April-yeah I’d have to agree w/ the stroller thing. POFQ had us on the 3rd floor but not far from the elevators. Which was awesome and handy.

We love POFQ since it is a smaller resort, past Mousekeeping was fantastic (July 08 it was very very lacking:glare:), everything was within easy walking distance, etc.

Fil is coming down in 3 wks and we’re going to show him all the stuff I’ve found and etc and see what he wants to do.

So building 18 in AB is the best…I’ll have to remember that.

Thanks all!!



So building 18 in AB is the best…I’ll have to remember that.

Thanks all!![/QUOTE]

Building 18 is perfect. It has the quiet pool right there, the laundry is right there and it is really close to the main building and the bus stop. It is perfect.


We love POR it’s our favorite. I do have to say we’ve never stayed at POFQ, in it’s defense :happy:.
I love the “feel” at PORS, very uummm romantic, w/ the horse drawn carriages, and bridges.
We also like to rent the bikes and cruise around the grounds.
I love the quick serve food court too, lots to choose from.

We’ve stayed at both MB & AB. I did like MB better because our room was in a better spot. At AB we were all the way in the back of the resort and I felt like we were too far from everything. It was all parking lot =(.
The decor for MB is more Victorian and AB is more “woodys” . My DD likes AB better.
For me the resort is a huge part of the trip.
We stayed at CS in March and didn’t love it, it was a bummer.
Good luck–happy resort hunting!!:laugh:


I really wanted Poly, but alas…a new fridge and dishwasher before my 1st hotel choice :glare:


Hey I wanted to stay at the AK this next trip but I’m getting a new bathroom and staying at PORS insted!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


The sacrifices we make sigh But hey, I need a new shiny fridge to hang my WDW trip pics from lol.


I like how you think :happy:!


my choice is POR …my favorite…period …many years ago they rumored to convert to DVC …but nixed it because it was way to costly to convert ,but my favorite is MB …but if need the trudle then you have no choice ,please do research the buildinds because some buildings are far from food court …and shortcuts are sometimes required …But POR is my favorite ,even above our home DVC SSR


well we love POR as a family and stay there pretty much each time we come over. We usually stay in the Magnolia bend section in Arcadia building which is one of the more oppulent buildings. However, this time we come, we are more than likely having to stay in the Alligator bayou buildings -which are the more rustic style buildings- as we will have 5 in our party so my daughter will need the trundle. I have been told that the Trundles can only go into the Allligator bayou rooms, but I can’t confirm if this is indeed correct.
POR is an awesome resort. Loads of swimming pools dotted around the resort as well as Ol’ man island in the centre which is great. The foodcourt is fab and has everything (except beignets I am afraid to say…:pinch:).
I would heartily recommend the resort and have nothing bad to say about it. Why don’t you jsut tell the boys that they can still have the best of the best of both worlds and when they want to go on the dragon slide, just grab the boat that links the two resorts and they can be there in a flash?


You all feel that you cannot have 5 people in any room yet every resort offers ‘roll-a-way’ beds. For a price, everyone can have one. If you have 4 people in the room, two of which don’t want to share a bed…and of course it works for 5 people as well.

ok, that’s me thinking that they’d allow 5 with a rollaway


[QUOTE=Dopey;1001517]You all feel that you cannot have 5 people in any room yet every resort offers ‘roll-a-way’ beds. For a price, everyone can have one. If you have 4 people in the room, two of which don’t want to share a bed…and of course it works for 5 people as well.

ok, that’s me thinking that they’d allow 5 with a rollaway[/QUOTE]

We’re a family of five and the only moderate that we’ve been able to book 5 people to a room is POR. One of tha All Stars will allow 5 in their family suite, or you can go into a suite at one of the Deluxe resorts.