Ok-- after stalking the forums for two years while planning my Disney vacations…I am hopping in! Ok, so I have reservations at Animal Kingdom Lodge, but I can save $400 for the same trip by staying at Port Orleans Riverside. What to do? What to do?:confused: THANKS everyone!


I want to say WELCOME!!! As far as your question, I have not stayed at either. I have visited AKV and it is beautiful. POR seems nice but again I have not stayed there. I have stayed at PORFQ and I love that one. I hope someone can help you on here.



POR NO - my last stay was ANYTHING plus magical!

Pay the extra and stay at AKL! It’s BEAUTIFUL there and you won’t be disappointed at all!!


Thanks for the welcome! Like I said, you guys have helped me plan two WDW trips from afar, so I figured I would start adding my two cents! Couldn’t get my fiance’ to agree to do the bounce back last year, but he looked at me two weeks ago and said, “Let’s go to Disney!”

So excited about the upcoming trip, and maybe looking at buying DVC with my fellow Disney obsessed sister! :mickey:


Welcome to Mousebuzz! I have no advice for you as we’ve never stayed at POR and are staying at AKL for the first time in Dec. Good luck with your choice. Heck, it’s Disney. Would we really regret any choice we make? :mickey:


If you are considering DVC, then I would recommend AKL so you can see what a DVC resort has to offer. Then again, if you didn’t even mention DVC, I would still recommend AKL. It is my absolute favorite resort. It’s so unique and beautiful, you will absolutely love it.


AKL absolutely!!! I’ve stayed at both and like Port Orleans but have heard/read some very disappointing trip reports lately. AKL is always top-notch (in my experience) and the resort we go back to again and again. Welcome and have an awesome trip!


If you stay at either Port Orleans, you’ll get two double beds.
If you stay at AKL, you’ll get two queen sized beds. The bigger beds do make a difference!
Dining options are also much better at AKL and you don’t have to play games with multiple buildings. The whole hotel is directly connected to the lobby. If you can afford the extra money, I’d stay at AKL. If not, think about Coronado Springs over the other mods.


never been to AKL… so i can’t help ya there… but i did go to POR on one of my short trips and it was alright… guess i’m just so used to being at the DVC spots


We stay at POR mainly for nostalgic reasons, but if we could afford AKL we’d go for it for sure! I am sure it’s far better than POR in every way.

Welcome to MB by the way- so glad you finally hopped in!


Welcome to MB!

If the $400 is not going to hurt you in anyway and you can afford it right now I say go for AKL! If the extra $400 is going to help you enjoy your trip and make it easier than stay at POR or POFQ. Some people had a less than stellar stay at POR but POFQ is the same price and is AWESOME. (Don’t get me wrong, some people LOVE POR I can only speak from experience for POFQ)

No matter what you decide you will have a blast!



We stayed at AKL on our last trip and we all loved it!! If you can afford it I would definately suggest staying there. It is further away than most resorts though. That did not bother us, it was great to stay there and we had a great time and can’t wait to stay there again.

Have a grat trip!!


Looks like we are going to stay with AKL! It’s just my fiance’ and me, no kids in this family (yet), so I think we should be fine with the distance. PLUS-- I love Boma, so I am psyched to have it just downstairs :slight_smile:


I often forget we’re being stalked :ninja:

Welcome to MB! Sounds like you’ll have a great trip.


Welcome to Mousebuzz, I’m glad you decided to hop in and join us.


Welcome to MB. Have a blast planning.


Hi welcome to mousebuzz.

We love POFQ but if i could afford it and had the chance we would stay at AKL jump in the deep end and enjoy the luxury :AK::simba:


I’m telling you, that bigger bed is a major factor in going AKL!
Two adults do not fit in the doubles that they use in the values and the mods (excepting CSR).


Just wait until you walk into the lobby to check in. The music playing and the smells of Jiko and Boma just put you in a different world. I’m so happy for you that you stayed with AKL. You will not regret it all all. Enjoy!!!


Beth- THANKS! Yeah, I always love AKL (never stayed there) but I just wanted to make sure the $400 was worth it! SO excited now!!

Soundgod-- Agreed with the beds. Last year we stayed at CSR, but in past I have stayed at Caribbean, Pop, ASMu, ASMo and know those small beds!

And to everyone else-- THANKS for all of the info and warm welcomes! I look forward to adding my two cents :slight_smile:

And because I can’t officially get a countdown yet…

51 Days until AKL at WDW!!