I’m new here…hello!

I’m trying to decide whether to book into Pop Century or Port Orleans (no idea whether to go with FQ or Riverside either!) for a holiday my boyfriend and I are going on September 2011 (just us 2, mid-twenties and no kids). Having never been to either, we feel pretty lost!

I think the cost would work out only very slightly more expensive at POR because of the free quick service dining plan that’s being offered if we upgrade to moderate, but I still don’t know if it’s worth it, or whether POR is necessarily better than Pop (because from what I’ve read on the internet Pop is really popular, whereas reviews of POR seem…mixed)

I guess if I say what we are/aren’t looking for in a resort that will help:

Swimming pools that preferably with the option of not too loud/busy constantly…although if we go in September I don’t know if that will be a problem?

Good number of buses so you don’t have to wait ages for one. I don’t care about walking a distance to a bus stop; it gives you more time to see the resort surroundings :smiley:

A food court that has an acceptable amount of vegetarian options at breakfast

We aren’t bothered about a resort with sit-down restaurants because there’s plenty we already want to try in Downtown Disney!

A decent outdoor bar

I don’t know how many locations the 2011 quick service dining plan covers because so far only the 2010 one is published, so I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Mrs Pott’s Kitchen doesn’t seem to be in there, nooo!

Can someone just decide for me please? I can’t because they both look pretty great :laugh:


hm…I do see a few complaints that POR rooms are run down and the pools aren’t heated?? Maybe Pop is the way to go! Not that I can imagine any decision being a bad one


First off, welcome! I’ve stayed at both PC and POFQ and definitely recommend FQ. Pop is very cute and clean, but tons of children running around, so it’s much “busier.” The rooms are smaller with no fridge and one sink and the buses seem much more crowded. French Quarter is the smallest of the resorts with only one bus stop (sometimes heads over to one at Riverside if there is room). The rooms are larger with a fridge and ceiling fan. The grounds are relaxing and quaint. Also, you mentioned DTD. French Quarter has a boat that takes you directly to DTD. Just a huge plus. Also, it’s been a while since we’ve been there but there use to be this musician at the bar on the weekends that plays every instrument known to man and was such a joy to sit and listen to.


I don’t see the need for a heated pool in Orlando in September unless you want to swim in 92 degree water. I speak from experience because I’ve lived in South Florida for 26 years.
As for Pop or one of the Port Orleans, I’d lean toward Pop right now because they have finished their refurb.
On the other hand, if you can get a refurbed room at POFQ next September, I would go that way instead simply because they will have two queen beds and not two double beds. All of the values have doubles. You’ll also have upgraded HDTVs, but until Disney puts any HD programming on their cable, the upgrade is semi useless without a portable DVD player. Then there is the refrigerator that is included at mods but is a $10 upcharge at values, unless you have medication that needs to be kept cold.
A plus for Pop over all other resorts is that they have only one bus stop and share with no other resort. Port Orleans has a total of 5 stops unless it is a day and park the French Quarter has their own bus. In that case, Riverside has four stops and FQ has one.
We’re in our 50s and childless, but the kids don’t bother us, unless it’s some kid releasing one of those supersonic screeches that just seems be an ice pick in your ear and melts your brain. You’re in WDW, are you really going to get bent out of shape because of kids?


I would recommend POR or POFQ since the rooms at POFQ are being renovated. I have stayed at Pop and loved it, but if you plan on spending a lot of time at DTD, the boat ride from POR and POFQ is one of my favorite things in WDW.


I would recommend FQ as well. It is a very quiet, quaint resort. Perfect for the 2 of you, since you don’t have kids. Pop is usually crowded with kids. The rooms have fridges and are slightly larger than Pop’s. There is also a boat that can take you straight to Downtown Disney. I stayed at FQ last year and didn’t think the rooms needed refurbed (maybe I got lucky with a decent room!). I would take my chances and hope for a good room there, or specifically ask for a refurbed one.


I would go with Port Orleans. We just stayed there this past october and still like the resort even though the rooms were filthy. They are renovating FQ right now, so I would look into that and request one of the new rooms… good luck with your planning.


Hello and welcome! I am going to recommend POR as its my resort of choice for the last 20 years and yes its had its moments of late, but plans to improve are in the offing, and the grounds are beautiful no matter what. The bus service is as good as most Disney resorts, and the food court is good and varied. I have never stayed at Pop, I am sure it is fine, but POR or POFQ would be the way to go for us.


Hello! And welcome! Most people on here I’ve noticed prefer POR over POFQ. Although, I’ve only stayed in POFQ and my family loved it! The room was nicely decorated and a little more roomy then POP, also with a mini fridge and double sinks, etc! POR and FQ have beautiful, romantic grounds and the lobby and food court are great. Also, you can take the boat to a few different areas from here! With that being said, POP is my families FAVORITE. And we stayed at all levels; value, mod and deluxe! The themeing is adorable and very Disney! And it will remind you of being a kid again! Great for families and people who just plan on spending most of the time in the park. If you plan to spend a lot of time at the hotel, enjoying the grounds and pool, I’d suggest POR or FQ. POP’s pools do just fine for getting wet, but they are just basic, and there’s usually always kids in it, although you can find random times when it’s empty, especially if you are in a far off building! POP has a good food court and it’s open rather late. The buses are great at POP, much better than any other value. I don’t really recall how the buses are POR were, but I’m sure they weren’t bad, that I’d remember! haha.

Hope you figure it out!!


Neither one is a bad choice. We have only stayed @ POP for an extra unplanned day we tack on before arrival if our planned resort is not ready or available. POP is fun but minimal in amenaties. If you are in a savings mode for other gotta do events you will not be upset.
PO is more relaxing, has a wider choice for resort food, themed pools, and slightly bigger rooms, and a refrigerator in each room free (we can’t do without). You cannot go wrong w/ either, but if it was me I would choose PO for the upgraded atmosphere only.


I have stayed at both POP and POFQ and loved them both. We only stayed at POFQ last year because the free dining rooms at POP were all gone, but I’m glad we got the POFQ experience.

Can I recommend one over the other? Not really because both have their benefits. I just had this same conversation with a co-worker on Wednesday. I LOVE the atmosphere of POP and the other values. It’s so Disney! I LOVE the gift shop at POP. Just about anything you forgot to get somewhere is there. The rooms are okay, we’ve never had a problem, as for upgraded tv - I don’t come to DW to watch tv.

POFQ biggest benefit over POP was the buses. I LOVED not having to wait for about 8 buses at the end of the evening. We always got on the first one. A small resort is nice, it’s quiet, but then again can’t complain about sleeping at POP. We always asked for a woods view and it was quiet. The refrigerators are a big plus, and yes, if they now have queen beds that would definitely be better than a double, but there are only two of us, so I request the king room for whichever resort.

I LOVED the boat to DTD. It is so much nicer of a ride than the bus and relaxing, and during the busy part of the day, actually much quicker cause the bus has traffic. If you are planning on alot of time at DTD that alone may be my tie breaker.

But as said before, you can’t go wrong on either in my opinion.


POFQ biggest benefit over POP was the buses. I LOVED not having to wait for about 8 buses at the end of the evening. We always got on the first one. [/QUOTE]

I’ve posted over and over that this is more often the exception than the rule.
Standard procedure is that Port Orleans buses are shared between Riverside and French Quarter. When park and hotel attendance is up, they will split and serve one or the other and this is most often for MK but usually all buses are shared.
In fact, the DTD bus runs the circuit in the opposite direction and always serves both because this is also one of the internal shuttle buses. Similarly, DHS will virtually always be shared as will the AK buses.
Remember, during the day, DTD buses also serve Typhoon Lagoon and AK buses also serve Blizzard Beach.


well by sep 11 most of the rooms at both POFQ and POR magnolia side will be done ,at least that is according to the schedule right now,as far as the heated pool ,its september,no need …POR also has many pools ,one main pool that is usually busy but the five or six other pools in most cases have less than ten people…so you have your own private pool almost,also you can check food courts…having not stayed at POP ,I have no idea,but POR food court is very,very good…and they have a fun lounge …


We have stayed at all of your choices- from your description, I would choose POR or FQ. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pop, but if I wre traveling without my kids I think I would enjoy the moderate level. I also second (or third) the suggestion that the boat ride to DTD is wonderful from FQ.


Hi and welcome! As an outsider on this by not staying at any of them if I were to choose between those 3 I think i’d choose POFQ. It has many things of interest and as others have mention, by next fall the refurbs should be done.

When choosing a resort you have to look at:

  1. how much time will I be spending in the room-what type of amenities are needed there.
  2. how much time will I be spending at the resort itself- what all extras am I wanting and what’s available
    and 3) how much time will I be spending in the parks and surrounding areas and how easy/difficult is it going to be to get there and back.
    Figure out the type of theme that appeals to you then factor in the price level and what works for you.

Have fun planning:flowers:


Thanks for all the responses guys! By the time we went to book, Port Orleans had gone up in price significantly and Pop had stayed the same, so I’ve gone for Pop (and requested a lake view - don’t know if we’ll get it, but if not then no big deal really!). Roll on September 3rd!!!


If you really wanted POFQ, don’t give up. They constantly have deals popping up here and there. So, keep checking. You may come across a great deal. If not, you certainly will enjoy Pop. When you are on your trip, make sure you visit both Port Orleans so you can see what they are like for maybe your next trip.


if you have settled on pop,then thats fine ,but always check on promos and check back here for updates on whats happenning…off to the turkey


My advice would be to check the cost of the two (if that matters) because one is a value and one is a moderate. Of course you will get a few more perks with staying at the moderate (PO). Might I suggest you add Caribbean Beach to your list of options? Looking over your list CB jumps out at me.

In terms of a quiet pool, each island has their own quiet pool. Each island also has their own beach with hammocks. All of the kids go over to the much bigger and cooler pool which is near food court and shopping.

Busses were not a problem for us. DW and I never had to wait long for a bus to come by. There are busses that run the loop in CB and then busses that take you to other places on Disney property. CB busses are not shared with another resort because they have several stops at the resort. Each island also has their own stop so you are never to far from a stop

I do not know that I can give you an accurate answer in terms of vegetarian options. As I am thinking through the options that we saw I believe that there are options but I am not positive on this one.

There is a sit down restaurant as well as a good outside bar.

I apologize for not answering your question, just thought I would suggest one more place that might be what you are looking for. :happy: Hope you enjoy your trip and welcome to MB!


Oops… I didn’t see that there was a page two before I posted… :blush: