POR & POFQ Above Avg



Seems from all the posts I read I always hear about POR or POFQ.

Seems like evertime a resort is brought up in a post there is nothing but good things to be said about these two resorts. From location, atmosphere, and overall exp it seems like nothing but good times.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Enjoy!


The bus service is horrible. I guess that’s my only real complaint. Hesitant to stay there again because of it.


our family used taxis and the bus on the way back from the parks. totally worth the money. to be able to get to the parks quicker and enjoy the magic of being in the parks and not waiting for the bus was worth every penny.


No it isn’t! :wink: it wasn’t for us. No waits, sort of empty busses in mid November. We loved it!


I’ve stayed there a few times and although it never became a favorite it is a nicely landscaped & themed resort, Boatwright’s is a great place to eat, and we never had a problem with buses.

Is this where you are staying on your next trip?


Were the taxis expensive? Ive always rented a car but would like to save the money. I plan to park hop alot and well be there the first week of august.


We’ve stayed at POR and wouldn’t go back. The room seemed dark and just didn’t seem to have the same Disney magic as the other resorts we’ve stayed at. Being able to take the boats to DTD was great. We did that a few times. I’ve heard POFQ is better but we’re hooked on AKL and are excited to try WL this trip.

I do recall waiting a time or two for the buses but I think that can happen at just about any resort you’re at.


We haven’t stayed at POR (it was Dixie Landings then) or POFQ for quite a few years - but I thought they were both outstanding resorts. I especially loved POFQ for it’s size and themeing. My dh and dds loved POR. The kids just loved being able to run around and explore the grounds.


Well I hope its good…

Leaving for POFQ in (look below) days :slight_smile:

Extremely Excited!!! (first trip in years)


the average cost of the taxis was about $15.00 for the 5 of us. it was totally worth the convenience. always a seat and fast. the only thing is that the taxi drivers arent always the friendliest people that work the planet…but oh well. we did take the bus on the way back from the parks or dinners. for our family it was worth putting our extra money toward taxis. the words “disneyline” doesn’t always have to relate to disneyland or disneyworld. we are going back in october and look forward to our taxi rides to maximize our magical experience. we do come all the way for hawaii.


Im still in the air, I was planing un upgrading from ASMovies to POFQ but than I saw some info on CSR and it threw a wrench in the whole mix. I may stick with ASM becasue I love the theme and disney feel but like the idea of a mod resort.


I definately agree. I found POFQ to be excellent. I thought it was as close to deluxe as you can get without the price tag. The customer service, accomidations, bus service, boat service and food court were ALL top notch. I would definately stay there again.


We have stayed at POR 4 times and we are going back for a 5th in August. We really enjoy it there. We have never had any problems with bus transportation either. It might be worth the upgrade, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Buses for POFQ are very good!

Stay away from CS if you plan to use the buses!


I’ve stayed at POR three times and would go back in a heartbeat. It’s really a beautiful resort and I have no complaints about the transportation either.


I’ve stayed at POR three times in the last 5 years and am going back in August. After we stayed there in 2002, it quickly became my favorite resort and we keep going back. I have stayed at POFQ too which is also very nice, but I really enjoy the bridges and sprawling feel of POR.


What??? I never have had any problems with POR bus service. Lovely, quick and an exciting way to start the day!


Bus service at POFQ in May and POR in December was horrible. Overly crowded busses. They have an attendant who stands at the bus stops. The busses were filling up at the first stop and there were a lot of people waiting, and they never called for extra busses UNLESS there was someone in a wheelchair. Why only then? Leaving Epcot at any time of day was horrible. In May, the line for the bus was through all the corrals and heading back to Epcot. Again, no one called for more busses. The only time I noticed them doing anything about the busses was on Christmas day when at the MK the corrals were filled and the line was heading back towards the MK, they had two busses pulling up at a time until the line got under control. We were on the busses for other resorts at the same times, since we like to visit the other resorts, and no other resort had such horrendous bus service.

I’m glad that you had a good experience with the busses at Port Orleans. As for me, I’m going to stick to places I can monorail, boat, and walk to & from.