POR, POFQ or CBR--I'm so confused!


Hi, as I had a great response to my newbie questions re: our first DW trip now scheduled 4/30-5/7. I am having some concerns over what resort to go to, can’t afford the Poly or AK but since this is our first and the kids are 6 & 7 we were advised the POFQ would be the best. Any thoughts on what resort would be the best for the kids, how is the foodcourts at any of these, any opinions on what bldg to stay in if we keep the reservation for POFQ in regards to being close to the pool, food, transportation. And anyone who has rented a car, any advice on who’s the cheapest/best as I think we would feel better having a car, just in case. Thanks again…Pam


POFQ is a great resort and I totally reccommend it, well that and it’s the first and only moderate I’ve stayed at so far. The resort is smaller and therefore pretty much all the buildings are close to the main areas. I was in building 6 facing the river, so I was pretty much in the back and still never had to walk far to the foodcourts/lobby.
I did take a walk over to POR to check that out, even though it was beautiful, the sheer size of it as compared to POFQ turned me and Ashley off.
Still POR has an actual sit down restaurant instead of a foodcourt and bicycle/boat rentals, so if that interests you maybe you want to look at that. I do know the bus system stops at POFQ first, so you will always have a spot, as opposed to being on the last stop at POR and maybe having to wait for the next one.
Oh one last thought, POR has trundle beds in some of it’s rooms, if one of the kids would rather sleep on the trundle bed than sharing a bed or sleeping on the floor, thats always an option.
Lol the funny things about asking questions is for every answer it leads to more questions!


When our kids were little, we stayed at both POFQ and POR, and we really liked them both. I give the vote to the FQ, for the boring mother reason that it was smaller and a lot easier to manage when your toting bags, kids, whatever. The food court there is good and every building is an easy walk to the lobby, pool and bus stop. My kids loved the sea serpent pool. I loved the New Orleans feel. My husband and kids, though, would give the vote to POR. yes, it is huge, but it’s great for kids who love to explore and don’t understand that they’re suppose to be tired after a day in the parks. The main pool is larger than FQ, but I felt that also added to bigger kids being a little wilder. The food court here is the best of all moderates and the sit-down restaurant is ok, but not a real reason to have to stay here. The trundle bed is also an option, if your kids don’t want to sleep together. Both resorts have a great little boat down to DTD. You can also choose going “rustic” in Alligator Alley or playing Scarlett O’hara in Magnolia Bend.So - it’s a hard choice. But either would be a good choice. You know your family best, what do you think they would prefer?


Thanks again, so know one would recommend CBR over POFQ or POR, that place sounds so nice with the beach, etc. Wasn’t sure I was making the right choice on POFQ.


Well CBR is nice as they have slightly larger rooms than the other moderates.
But when making my choice, aside from being fomr an area where we have mardi gras, I just prefer a smaller hotel. CBR is huge and sprawls out, not only that but you can’t swim in the water, so whats the point of even having a beach?? I mean you can play in the sand but who cares??
I will check out CBR one day, just to complete my mission to stay at every disney resort!


I’m staying at CBR, so I think it’s pretty nice.


Haven’t satyed at POFQ though we have visited and it looked nice. We have stayed at POR and CBR and prefer the “feel” of POR.

However, I can tell you this so that you will feel better:

All three of these are nice resorts so there is no wrong choice! Do not sweat it!! :mickey:


We stayed at POR last year in Bldg. 14!!! It was perfect!!! We were close to everything without being in the main line of lots of traffic!! Buses were close, food court just as close, pool still very close, and we had a rental car and that bldg had a parking lot right outside too!!! We loved POR it was wonderful and if in the right bldg. very accessible resort!!!


I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t recommend CBR - it’s a great resort too. But like DownsouthTigger said - you can’t swim in the water at the beach. You can rent boats and the kids can play in the sand, though I must admit I didn’t see too many doing this when we were there. The Pirate Pool is great and the grounds are absolutely beautiful. But - it is huge! So be prepared if this is your choice.


Thanks again guys, okay how about this, which resort has the best foodcourt and pool. I keep hearing about the slide at POFQ but are the pools at POR and CBR just as nice. Can you tell I’m a little OCD over this whole thing!


Really?? Whaddup widdat? That’s so weird. Does anyone know if that’s so at WL as well? When we were there, it was too cool out to think beyond the heated pools, and I just assumed that was why no one was swimming at the beach area. But maybe you’re not allowed there either? And what about at FW? And does anyone know why? Maybe it’s the alligators…! :biggrin:


You can swim at WL - go figure. Maybe the alligators are tamer there. :wink: To answer kylsha’s question - I think the vote for the best food court would have to go to POR. It’s certainly the largest and has a huge selection - then again, POFQ has beignets. (are we driving you crazy yet :happy: ) The main pool at POR has a “Tom Sawyerish” feel to it. Kind of rustic. It’s larger than POFQ pool. It’s slide also reflects the “country” feel. Kids look like they’re having fun on it. There are also quiet pools placed throughout the resort. CBR’s pool is a pirate theme, and I think the slide originates in a pirate ship. It also has quite a lot of quiet pools around the property. There is only l pool at POFQ because it’s so much smaller. All have a hot tub and kiddie pools.


Are there good pictures anywhere other than allears.com of the resorts. Can’t beleive I’m obsessing over this, especially 8 months in advance, just want it to be perfect. I know I can’t go wrong with any of the mods and we will be spending most of our time at the parks but that’s just my personality and from what I’ve been reading at DC, I’m not alone—lol!