POR Question


I think I read somewhere that the buildings in the Alligator Bayou part don’t have elevators. Is this correct? With me taking two little ones, and me being by myself with them the first day and a half(df has a work conference in Bradenton), I don’t want to be caught on the 2nd floor in that section with no elevators. If that’s the case, and I know ahead of time, I’ll request something different in advance.


Just ask for a bottom floor room due to the kids. I don’t remember seeing any elevators at any moderate hotels.


I’m not sure about the Alligator Bayou section, but I do know that there are elevators in the Magnolia Bend section of POR:)


Just checked and the Alligator Bayou section does not have elevators…so…best to request a first floor room as Disneycouple suggested:)


If the building is over 2 stories like POFQ and CSR, they have elevators. If they’re just two floors, all of the HC accessible rooms will be on the first floor so the buildings comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Ok thanks! I know our room at CSR had elevators. I just don’t want to be stuck on a second floor with the baby and stroller and stuff. I’ll make sure to mention it when we check in.


You may want to call ahead of time and make the request. We got stuck on a second floor room for the first three days of our trip this year at CBR and it was a real pain lugging three kids and two strollers up a long flight of stairs. I was told to call ahead the morning of check-in for a first floor room request. I called early that morning and was confirmed that we were booked into a first floor room, however, upon check-in, the room “magically” (a bit of sarcasm)wasn’t available anymore (given to someone checking in earlier than us). It made for an extremely unpleasant check-in and a rough couple of days. I had the name of the person I spoke with to confirm and the CM basically shrugged her shoulders and said, sorry, nothing we can do about it. Very un-Disney like.


Great advice! Thanks for asking this, April. I never would have thought about it because we’ve stayed at POFQ the past several trips and had an elevator. We’re also staying in Alligator Bayou b/c we need a room with the trundle, so I’m definitely going to request a first floor room. Lugging a stroller and tired child up a flight of stairs = NO fun!:laugh: It seems like we may end up running into eachother all over the place that week!