POR refurb


oh heehee, that’s quite alright. I feel so much better now. those rooms really look tired


I can only hope… can’t wait to hear when they are done.


Oh I do hope this will be a full refurb! I love these two resorts, but they have definitely grown tired over the past few years, almost neglected in my opinion.


I think the themed rooms would be really neat. My son would like the haunted mansion style. I would pay to stay there, but only if they do it at a moderate. (Still would pay less to stay longer as opposed to staying for a shorter time at a deluxe resort.) I hope there is more news on this soon.


I hope they add a real full size trundle in some of the rooms. I would love to actually be able to stay with a family of five with older kids.


my info is no more trundle,and a different bed setup…including bunk beds…