POR Riverside


Since I had to change my plans last minute and switch resorts can anyone give me any info on this resort please.
I seen that they have carriage rides. Do you pay for that and how do you book it?
Does this resort have the boat to a park?
Anything else???
Thanks all!!!


POR does not have a boat to a park but it does have a wonderful and relaxing boat to DTD. I do believe you have to pay for carriage rides but as I recall they were not expensive. You can also rent surrey bikes and the like, plus various watercraft.

It is an AWESOME resort. You will have a great time there.


Runs about 35 bucks plus tip for 25 minutes. Better make reservations just to be sure … Try 407-WDW-PLAY. I have read that they book up.


Thanks guys. Which building should I ask for? I have party of 5.
I also was told there are no elevators. Is that true?


Ask for the Alligator Bayou section. That is the only section that will accomodate a party of 5. The 5th person sleeps on a trundle bed and they have to be little because it is definitely made for children. I do not know if they provide rollaways upon request for the Mansions or not, maybe someone else can help with that. I would call and put the request in ASAP.

As for POR, again let me tell you, this is a great resort. Great food court, beautiful setting, shared amenities with POFQ which means two themed pools. Take the boat or just stroll over to POFQ.

I don’t mind walking but since the resort is large you may want to request a room close to the FC or pool area.

Oh…one more thing…
I don’t believe there are any elevators!


I’ve only stayed in the Magnolia Bend Mansions, so I’m not sure.


Ask for building 18 in Aligator Bayou. It is wonderful. has a quiet pool and laundry room right there and it’s very close to the bus and the main building

Port Orleans - An Unofficial Visitor’s Guide to French Quarter and Riverside


Building 14 is the closest to the main pool and food court, but Dopey is right Building 18 is the bestest in my opinion!


Thanks all. Im on hold now with guest services. the reg 407 wdw number cant do anything they said I need to go thru guest relations… I guess because I only have a few days left. now will ME be a problem with adding my DD


I don’t know about the bayou, but the Mansions have elevators. Road them many times.


heehee, I knew you’d come around and see it my way, muahahahaaaaa

There are no elevators in the bayou section.


If you are staying at POR DO NOT MISS


He is the piano guy in the lounge near the lobby! He plays Wed thru Saturday nights from 9 to Midnight (I think)!! Very fun and kid friendly atmosphere! Try to catch him at least once he is soo great!!!


You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE POR. It is my favorite Disney resort!


YES! Bob is great. There is also a large arcade to the right of the main lobby.


Oh yes, Bob is there from Wednesday through Saturday, I think.


I can’t wait to get there


we have never done the carriage ride but seen lots of people doing it and they always seem like they are having fun. We have hired a bike with a carriage which we rode around the resort one day and that was fab!
This resort is AWESOME! We hahve stayed there a few times , the first time it was known as DIxie Landings ( I still refer to it as this every now and again! :laugh: )…old habits die hard:pinch:
The resort is big but so peaceful and tranquil. Surroundings perfect, plenty of bus stops and pools. Food court is brilliant and the Piano Bar is great. Nice CM’s, nice rooms, altogther just fantastic. We always stay here now.
The resort also has the boat to DTD which runs all day until approx 11pm. This boat ride is very peaceful and a really nice way to get to DTD.

You will love it!


We have stayed here twice now (AB section) and LOVE it! We’re a family of 5, so it’s our only option. We’ve not done the carriage ride, but DH and I took the boat to DTD one evening (my parents stayed with the kids) and it was soooo relaxing!
AB section - no elevators; they’re only 2 levels though. I think the mansions have elevators.
I agree with Building 18 being the best!!!:happy:


Does anyone know if you can see any parking lots from Building 18? For some reason, I don’t like seeing parking lots at my Disney resort. I like to feel like I am in the middle of things.


Absolutely no view of the parking lot or anything else unsightly. It is tucked between greenery and absolutely just the best location. No foot traffic either - it’s just perfect!