POR Room Requests


Does anyone know which buildings at POR have (1) Trundle Beds, (2) Are recently refurbished. We will be driving to the parks everyday with the exception of the days we will be going to the MK, so being near a bus stop is not that important to us.



We’re a family of 5, so we need the POR rooms with trundles, and to the best of my knowledge, the rooms that have those are in the Alligator Bayou section of POR. I’m not sure about refurbed rooms.


Stay at a Value Suite! You get the 3 pull outs and the bedroom PLUS the small kitchen area (Micro + Fridge) the last room I stayed in at POR (Alligator Bayou) was in desperate need of a cleaning and a refurb. :blink:

I drive to the parks as well, and altho this is near DTD and HS it always seems like such a drive to MK and Epcot which are our two fav parks.