POR rooms


I’m wondering how many of the rooms at POR have been updated and whether or not it would work to request a refurbed room or if that is bad form. Are certain buildings done and others not?

We’ve never stayed there before, but have heard wonderful things about it!


This is the schedule for refurbs.

Magnolia Bend, Acadian House: starts 26 June 2011, for approx. six weeks
Magnolia Bend, Magnolia Terrace: starts 31 July 2011, for approx. six weeks
Alligator Bayou, Lodges 36, 37, 38, 39: starts 25 October 2011, for approx. eight weeks
Magnolia Bend, Oak Manor: starts 15 January 2012, for approx. five weeks [Royal Themed Rooms]
Magnolia Bend, Parterre Place: starts 19 February 2012, for approx. five weeks [Royal Themed Rooms]
Alligator Bayou, Lodges 24, 16, 17, 28: starts 3 April 2012, for approx. eight weeks
Alligator Bayou, Lodges 14, 27, 18, 15: starts 8 May 2012, for approx. seven weeks
Alligator Bayou, Lodges 25, 35, 26, 34: starts 5 June 2012, for approx. eight weeks

We requested a refurbed room at POFQ this past spring and got one so it can’t hurt to ask.


Acadian is the only building done right now and looks like it will be the only one done at the time of your trip. In your favor is the slow season and the fact that not everyone is aware that they can request a refurbed room.


Do the Acadien rooms have room for 5? I think that is going to limit us a bit.


5 could be a problem. You’ll probably have to use the Bayou section