POR 'Smoking Buildings'


Are there certain buildings in Alligator Bayou, that are designated ‘smoking buildings’? If so, any idea what they are?

We were in bldg. 18 the last time & it was ‘smoker friendly’. In that, there were ashtrays on the walkway & pretty sure in the room also. Although, we don’t smoke in the room, just like we don’t smoke in the house.

Obviously we had requested a smoking room at the time & as it turned out, bldg. 18 was very conveniently located to a small pool and the main building.

Thanks in advance.


Building 18 is the one I know for sure is “smoker friendly” – you may need to call to see what the others are (if any).



18 was good to go. Short walk to bus, food court, main lobby, etc. We’ve got awful luck though. Hate to request a ‘smoking bldg’ & get put as far away from everything as possible. If 18 is the only, then we’re gonna be alright.

Any other bldgs y’all might be aware of?


The only building I know about is Oak Manor at Magnolia Bend. The third floor there is smoker friendly. It may actually be closer than Bldg 18. It’s just across the bridge to the main buildings.


I requested a non-smoking room, for DH and the girls.
I requested Oak Manor, I heard they have a balcony or veranda.
I do smoke and was planning on going outside to smoke, do they have ashtrays there.
Can you request on and leave it outside?


They don’t have “private” balconies/verandas - the walkway in front of your room is railed like a balcony. I know my MIL would smoke on the walkway in front of the room - but there are no ashtrays (and since it’s not private I doubt you’d be able to leave one out there). However, not far from any building are some benches with ashtrays next to them. When we go in September we’re in non-smoking rooms, and I’m sure my dad plans to scope out one of those benches when he needs a “break”.


Thanks Allyson… Looks like I am about to leave when you are arriving… bummer… would have love to meet you!


Thanks everyone - Requested 18.

We’ll see how it goes.


Wow - here’s my questions based on what I just read. (1) Does anyone know which FQ bldgs are NON smoking? and (2) if there’s a specific building I want how do I go about requesting it?


When you make your ressie request a non-smoking room. If you have a building preference request that too. They’ll do their best to accomodate. The non-smoking part will be easy, as most rooms are non-smoking.

If you’ve already made your ressie, just call and ask them to add the requests to your reservation.