POR under construction?


[COLOR=Plum]Did I read somewhere that POR will be under construction around springtime of '05? If this is the case, would it still be wise to stay at POFQ. I wonder if that would be over crowded or hard to get into. Thanks a bunch :biggrin:


I thought the FQ just got redone. Where did you read this? I would still stay at the resort anyway, but that is just me. Unless you and your family take mid-day naps, it shouldn’t bother you to much. They work in the day time, so it shouldnt interfere with your night’s rest. The CBR and CSR are also moderates you may want ot consider if your family like to take afternoon breaks and naps or are late sleepers. Pop Century would be a nice alternative too. The last reviews I read were very positive for this resort.


We stayed at POR in Feb 2004 and FQ was closed for construction. It is highly possible that they would redo the Riverside side in 2005. If you call the reservation # they may be able to fill you in. Good Luck.


:mickey: :mickey: We just got back from a stay at the Port Orleans Riverside and some of the buildings in the Magnolia Bend section are closed for remodeling now. They had the Parterre Place building closed when we were there. :mickey: :mickey:


I must admit, this is a concern for my family and I as our vacation is also planned for Spring in 2005.

I think all that can be done is to wait to within a month of your arrival date, give the front desk a call to try and get a feel for how the refurb is progressing. Then make your informed decission then.

Having a nice quiet room in Alligator Bayou adjacent to a quiet pool is truly wonderful but chances are it will not be refurbed by spring and a stones throw away there will be rooms in Magnolia Bend that will be a matter of months old ?

Who knows ? :sad: