POR was great - just got home


Hi, Just wanted to thank everyone for their help and suggestions in planning our vacation. Without your ideas we would have been lost and would not have gotten such a great deal. We just got back from a week at POR 5/14 - 5/20. The hotel was nice, the pool great, the transportation to and from the parks was easy and convenient and the Disney Dining Plan was fantastic. The weather was not too hot, only rained one day. The crouds were small, we only waited 10 - 20 minutes at the most. We are now planing on returning again real soon. Again, thank you to everyone for your help with this special trip. Our family of 6 had a fantastic time. Dawn4


Welcome home! I am so happy that you had a perfect trip. I would love to hear about it in more detail if you want to share. GO to the trip report section and give us a day by day if you have time! Trip reports are my favorite part of DC.


Sounds like a great trip! My family is going to stay at POR for the first time in August. I would appreciate any information you feel is helpful. Thanks.


Welcome back, I’m glad you had a great trip. When did you get back? We leave Wednesday and I’m hoping for a little cooler weather and lower crowds than our usual July trip.


Glad you had such a good time! We stayed at POR the last week of April and LOVED it. So much in fact that we’re headed back there the end of September!

Please do post a Trip Report – We’d love to read it!


Welcome back! I’m so glad you had such a good time and our advice helped a bit. If you feel in the mood - a trip report would be great!


Welcome back! It’s always great to hear of a fantastic trip to WDW :mickey:


Dawn4: Aren’t you glad you stumbled upon DC before your trip and got so much great advice from a wonderful group of DCer’s? Glad you had a great time and great weather.

Hmmmmm…I think everyone is hoping for a trip report.


Glad you had a great time. Will you be doing a TR???


Hey,I want a TR too,but let’s not pressure the person!!(LOL)


just wondering what dates you are going in aug,ill be there in aug as well,stayed here a few times,last time was in oct… :happy:


Glad you had such a great time, dawn! I love POR too - it’s my favorite!


Aw, that’s great! Don’t you just LOVE that resort??? I feel like it is home…


Earl2165----We’ll be there Aug 5 thru the 11th. Did you enjoy POR? This trip is a combination 25th wedding Anniversary trip and Graduation present for our youngest. I want to make sure and stay in the right place! When will you be there?


So glad to hear you had a great trip!
Those wait times were great looks like you picked the perfect week.


Welcome home. Glad you had a very good trip.


Brilliant news Dawn4! So pleased that you had a great time. It really is a stunning resort isn’t it!? Welcome home!


We are staying there this June. I have never been to this resort, would like to here about it. Sounds like everyone who has stayed there likes it. Yes, trip report please.
Hurry up June!!!