POR/POFQ FULL! What resort now?


I posted on my CBR thread as well but-
My agent just called and apparently POFR and POR are both FULL! That was the replacement due to pool closures at CBR.
Since we are Land/Sea moderate- there are no other choices!

I suggested the castle but she didn’t even chuckle :laugh:

Any ideas on what they will do?

Should I suggest an alternative?

She is “talking” w/ Disney and will get back to me by Wed but I can’t wait! We are less than a month out and I have a final tommorow… arrggg…



Zoey, can you spare the extra cash and hit WL? Or perhaps you could get a family suite at ASMusic or Pop?
Sorry you ar ein a bind.


I was wondering if we could upgrade- I am sure at a cost… Our “package” is for a moderate because we have a Catagory 8- (we got a secret porthole woohoo!) So I don’t even know if they will let us!

Have you upgraded before? I am putting faith in it that Disney will make it right or else I am callin’ The Mouse on them! I know Mickey wouldn’t want me to be so stressed! LOL



I am thinking that they just might upgrade your reservation to one of the deluxe resorts. That would be a good/nice thing for them to do.


If the pool is your only issue? I know the main pool is always fun but there are other pools that will be open while you’re there. I know they aren’t the fun pool with the slide but it’s still a pool. How much time do you plan to spend in the pool in the cool weather? If it’s a lot then it might be worth it to pay for the upgrade. If you don’t plan more than a couple of hours here and there you might stick with what you have booked and have fun in the quiet pools. Either way you are going to have a great trip.


That would be awesome! A moderate was exciting b/c we usually stay at ASMo. I would be happy dancin’ everywhere! LOL
I wish I knew… the policy or normal procedure. I don’t want to get too excited in case another room opens up. I want to know soon!


We are Minnesotans! We are usually one of the only ones in the pool! ROFL!

Yes, we have a 10 year old that is a FISH. We chose CBR b/c the great pool that we really made a big deal because we are missing TL this time. I was ok with POFQ although she doesn’t love those Mardi Gras faces LOL. They kind of freak her out! Riverside is too home-ish for us…

Keeping fingers crossed for the castle ROFL…


I hear you, we are from Chicago and are quickly getting iced in here, with another ice storm due to hit tomorrow! We’re definitely packing the swim suits for when we go in a few weeks. The kids won’t be able to swim around here for about 6 more months!:laugh:


You got the ice- I think we got SNOW and COLD! Over a foot and counting…
It was -14 the other night… Gotta love it - or not! Anything above 0 and we hop in our outdoor hot tub and get our toes toasty LOL!
So, pool+ Florida+ cool weather =ok by us! LOL!


Well, we’re even further north (Manitoba) and it’s too cold for me in the pools at WDW this time of year!:laugh: If there is still room at CBR, I can’t see Disney giving you a courtesy upgrade. If it was full as well, that would probably be different. But the family pool on the Ship is pretty cool!


I wonder if the biggest problem is the marathon- anyone know what kind of crowds it really draws? I mean resort wise?

I wish our TA would have shared that as well. There are so many overlooked details that most people wouldn’t notice- except for us planning fanatics!

I handed over the planning this time and am begining to regret it. I slacked on my own research with my final semesters in college and all- otherwise I would have been on here every DAY!
Thanks for the input- I guess I have to just wait… until Wed… It will drive me crazy!


I’m predicting an upgrade… IMO at no additional cost.


I love your prediction! Make it happen!
Actually, I wouldn’t even mind paying a bit more for a great pool area. We wouldn’t have “sprang” for a moderate in the first place but it came with the stateroom. I would have just stayed at ASMo for cheaper and spent a day at TL… Oh well, there must be a reason this is happening…
I am patient, I am patient, I am patient… dang it… not working!


This was me last August. I went to AAA to arrange my trip. It was horrible and I promised to never to that experiment again. I like being able to call up Disney myself and get things straightened out.

I’m crossing my fingers for your free upgrade! I hope your TA will give it a good sell to Disney…maybe you should suggest it to your TA?


Maybe they will upgrade you!!!


CSR!! Check out my website below.


Hope they come through with an upgrade for you guys, I’m very curious as to what they may do. If you have to stay at CBR maybe you should try to get some shipboard credit in return.


Any news yet? Keep checking on those POR and POFQ rooms, because they may come open at the last minute!


Have you TA call daily, they get cancellations all the time.


Keep calling, nitawoman is right, people cancel all the time. My son is also a fish and loves the slides but he would be happy with any pool when he can’t swim at home.

You said you were willing to pay for an upgrade at this point, it’s worth a call to your TA to see what it would cost to change to a cheaper deluxe like WL. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a free upgrade if I were you because there’s another pool to use. However, I’m sending you some Pixie Dust for luck, you never know. When you don’t plan on something special happening that’s when it usually happens.