Port Orlean FQ or Riverside


Planning for 4 couples. We are going to have rooms in 4 resorts it looks like, one of them being PO.
BUT…One of them who wants to stay here can’t decide between the 2.
BUT/BUT… This is where they say they REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HAVE to stay. :laugh:

So I open it to your input which I will forward to them:

Which one is smaller?
Is the smaller one more relaxing?
Which one has the first bus pickup?

Anything else added from another veiw besides mine will help them I’m sure. I’ve spoken until I’m blue in the face.



Well FQ is smaller than POR. When we stayed there it seemed very relaxing and quiet. We are staying at POR in September but only because the free dining was sold out at FQ.

FQ has one bus stop and it is first on the rotation and usually has its own bus to MK. Also on the way back from the parks I believe it is the first drop off as well which is nice.

FQ does not have a table service restaurant and the pool is small but you can either take the short walk to POR or take the bus or boat there since you have access to all the ammenities at POR when you stay at FQ.

It is hard for me to review a resort I have not been to but from reading at portorleans.org (a great site) and talking to my travel agent (Keith or Scott from Mouseketrips) the walk from the outer buildings to the main building at POR is not a terribly long walk. Maybe 2-3 minutes longer than if you were very close to the main building.

I have also read that the South Depot bus stop at POR may have its own bus to MK as well and then another bus services the other 3 stops but I am not positive on this one. Maybe someone else can jump in on that.

I hope this helps.


POR for us Rich and apparently now its all been more or less refurbed I’ve heard? Its been our resort for the last 15 years and, yes, we’ve had our up and down times there, but on the whole its a beautiful setting, with a good food court and bar. Never had any problems with distance from the main building, always had rooms close to the ‘quiet’ pools, and never really had major problems with the buses.


Personally I prefer POR. It is bigger but I think the awesome food court and laidback atmosphere put it ahead for me.


We usually stay at POR but this October we are staying at FQ. It smaller than POR and the pool is smaller, but it is alot quieter than POR. We like the food court and bar at POR but it just a short walk up to POR and we usually walk all over the two resorts anyways. So if it just two of them I suggest FQ if it a family then I would say POR. For the Buses, it depends on how busy they are. I have seen separate buses for each resorts and then on the same day I seem that abus was serving both resorts. I suggest that if they stay at POR go to the front and catch the bus there in the morning. This is due to the fact that if the bus is loaded they don’t go to the other 3 stops at POR.


Port Orleans French Quarter is significantly smaller in size and therefore more relaxing to me. I like not having to go on a mile hike to go to the main area. I just don’t care for the size of POR.


We’ve stayed at both once and like POFQ better but both are nice. I liked the smaller size of FQ and the theme was better than I thought it looked in pictures. In fact, I went in sure I wouldn’t like it but ended up falling in love with it.


FQ is smaller… POR id HUge. And the bus line was unreal last week. Quick moving, but still long lines!


French Quarter without a doubt! Reason you ask?

  1. all Queen size beds
  2. quiet. not a lot of pop warner gatherings or Brazilian cheerleading armies.
  3. Can indeed use the pool at POR because they are sister sites
  4. We stayed last year. Even as a mod it has my vote for best over AK suites.
  5. Almost completely exclusive bus service
  6. the door man in complete mardi gras outfit was fantastic
  7. had a complete conversation in french with one of the staff(thrilled my dauther)
  8. definitey has a big easy feeling to it including the wonderful staff.


Thanks for the input. Keep it coming.

Another ?? sent to me. Is there a place to get a cup of coffee or adult beveraqge at FQ, or would they have to go all the way to POR in the morning/evening.


There is a quick service restaurant- so you can get coffee, tea, coke, etc. There is a bar right when you enter the main building on the left across from the check in area… So worth it not having to walk.


If they can get coffee in the AM ater a quick dip in the pool and a nightcap, FQ’s size will seal the decision. Which will be the same as mine 2 days ago. But I know NOTHING.:laugh:


POFQ is half the size of POR. 1000 vs 2000

I can’t really say either way, however, only POR has a sit down restaurant, though that is only open for dinner.
Both of course have food courts.
On the other hand, only FQ’s food court offers beignets.

On all routes except to DTD, the first stop is POFQ and FQ is a single stop.
Most of the time all routes are shared between FQ and POR. When they aren’t, the FQ bus is non stop to the final destination.
The DTD route runs counter to the other routes so that guests can return to FQ from POR’s main building. This also means that if you get on the DTD bus at FQ, it will be non stop to the DTD Marketplace station and then to Pleasure Island. Returning, the bus runs the full POR loop of four stops before heading to FQ.

I hope that’s not too confusing.


[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1104719]Thanks for the input. Keep it coming.

Another ?? sent to me. Is there a place to get a cup of coffee or adult beveraqge at FQ, or would they have to go all the way to POR in the morning/evening.[/QUOTE]

They got a cute little hidden bar just to the left of the entrance and yes they do know how to make a Salty Dawg and a great Pina Colava.


Nope. Got it.


I’ll let them know.


I think I am the exception, POFQ is smaller but really not as nice as POR.


You are not the only exception, Dopey, I too prefer POR over POFQ. Even though it’s larger, I enjoy strolling through the resort to get to the rooms and we’ve never found it “too” big.


I"m a POR girl. Especially Alligator Bayou. I love the wild green spaces!


We love POR. The main building can be crazy busy at times, but once you cross the bridges it’s so relaxing, the trees, the river, calm and cool. I’m with Peppertink, love the stroll.

All that said, I haven’t yet stayed but have jogged through FQ, love the theming and the quiet is an attraction. Just wish there were more trees…