Port Orleans French Quarter info


I need some websites for POFQ! Does POFQ has sell some Disney’s DVD’s and CD’s in those shops in POFQ! I can’t wait to stay in POFQ for my birthday in January 14, 2010!:confused:


I think that they sell some Dvd’s and CD’s, but not as many as the parks. They have some merchandise, but nothing like the emporium, etc…

I love that resort- fabulous atmosphere…


thanks for the info! I can’t find those website for POFQ!


Go to allearsnet.com. They have pictures, info and ratings for all the hotels.


Thanks for the info! But in allearsnet.com has only for 2009 rates not for 2010 rates I need the rates for 2010!


I don’t believe 2010 rates have been released yet.


wdwinfo.com has good info too. We stay at PORS and love it :heart:


You can price rooms on Disney’s site for 2010. I did it today for June 2010…


Ah, thanks for the clarification! I hadn’t attemped 2010 rates but thought I remembered it taking quite a while for 2009 rates to be available.


Here is a good one Unofficial Visitor’s Guide to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside & French Quarter Resorts


POFQ is my absolute fav! I love how you can take a nice boat ride right to DTD! BTW the store at POFQ is very small… they don’t have too much… so you’ll find more items at DTD or the parks.


thanks for all of the website and I will take the POFQ! But the 2010 rates didn’t came let!