Port Orleans French Quarter


We’re consideing staying at Port Orleans French Quarter on our next trip to WDW in 2008. We’ve always stayed at the Wilderness Lodge but with the ever increasing rates, we find we’re slowly being priced out of the Wilderness Lodge and find ourselves having to consider other, less expensive hotels. We’ve never stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter and are curious about the resort. We’d be looking at being there in November/December 2008. Any information you could give us would be greatly appreciated. :mickey:


We just got back from WDW a couple of day ago and spent 2 nights at POFQ. I didn’t think I would like it after looking at the pictures online but seeing it in person made all the difference. The CMs were very nice and the bus service was good for the 2 days we were there.

WL is also our favorite resort but POFQ was very nice and we would gladly stay there again.


i think it’s the best moderate. it’s small (intimate), beautiful atmosphere. it has a really kicking pastry shop, YUM! the bus service was really good. there are boats to take to DTD and i believe MGM if i remember correctly. there are also horse-n-carriage rides. you’ll have a great time.


I love the atmosphere of the French Quarter - it’s so small compared the the other moderates. It just has a different, most intimate feel. We haven’t stayed there in a long time, but I always remember it as being my favourite moderate resort.

Personally I found the rooms at the FQ to be much more open and airy - they just had a more spacious feel than the rooms at the WL.


Do they have a fridge in the rooms and internet access there?


POFQ is beautiful – small and right on the water. Ther eis a lovley boat service to POR and Marketplace. The beignets are delicious, and the pool area is terrific. This is a really good choice!


Yes and yes. You have to pay for the Internet, I think it’s $10 a day.


We stayed there prior to joining the DVC. I’d stay there again without hesitation. We loved the pool, enjoyed taking the boat to Downtown Disney, and the hotel CM’s were great.


I would like to check out FQ. I am actually helping a friend plan a trip who wants to stay there. She has been there before and just loves it.


I stayed at POFQ in october 2004. I am going back there again this August. the resort in small in size as compared to many of the WDW resorts and no matter which building you are assigned, you are pretty close to the bus stop and main areas. They have a boat that goes to DTD, excellent food court, cute pool area, and top-notch CM customer service. The rooms are spacious in my opinion and the furniture in there makes the room seem larger than the ones at AKL and WL. It is my only choice for a moderate resort. The other ones are to large in my opinion making the bus service a crap shoot. FQ does share with POR for some parks, but you are the first to be picked up and dropped off, so getting a seat is not an issue ever.


We have stayed at PO & WL … I like them both. I like WL better. We did however, price WL for March of '08… and it was going to be
like $400.00 plus taxes a night… POFQ was going to be 1/2 of that. I think that is where we are going to stay… WL is just getting to steep. We stayed there like 3 or 4 years ago for like $120.00 a night with a discount Code… too bad they do not offer those anymore.

NOW for the actual resort… it is very, very nice. I have experienced and heard very good reports. To me it is a more quiet resort. Not as many kids running around, etc. BoatWrights is a nice place to eat. The views are great.


We stayed at POFQ last August for one night, just to see what it was like, and I loved it. The atmosphere was great, everything was so close together, and of course there are beignets. :happy:


I haven’t stayed there in a long time, but I remember it being soooo charming. And everyone on this board appears to love it, so I don’t think you can go wrong with that choice :slight_smile:


I think you will really like the feel of POFQ, it has a very nice atmosphere, and the rooms are quite spacious, and the resort is very centrally located.


I can’t wait to stay there. Only 78 days.


I agree with what’s already been said. POFQ is definitely our favorite Mod. The main reason is because it’s so much smaller than the others. There are only 7 buildings, and the pool/food court is located right in the middle so everything is close by. Also, the food court is smaller, quieter, and less crowded than other moderates we’ve been at. The decor is really colorful and fun (which I like for the kids), but the resort is still classy and comfortable. We’ve rarely shared a bus with Riverside when we’ve stayed there, but they’ll do that occasionally if the busses aren’t crowded. POFQ only has one bus stop, so it’s really convenient. We’re probably staying there for the last time in Jan. (because on our next trip we’ll be considered a family of 5), so we’re really looking forward to it!


:simba: We will be there the end of this month and are encouraged from what we here. We have stayed in riverside and loved it.


Thanks for the input everyone. We’ve decided, my mom and I, that we’re going to give a pass on the WL next trip and give POFQ a try.


I love the WL, but with the money you save staying at POFQ, its hard to go back. I also wanted to add that the food court at POFQ is really good, lots of choices.


i agree, but i love the monorail resorts…that’s what makes it difficult for me. i love to save the money, but i HATE giving up the convenience of the monorail being right there, gosh i love them :wub: