Port Orleans French Quarter


Our family are planning a trip to Disneyworld in the end of February! And I don’t know anything about Port Orleans French Quarter! Please! help me Please!


Really??? I thought you’d know a lot about it, your family seems to stay everywhere in WDW!


Oh my, you will love it. The pool is amazing(dragon theme0 and the food court is Mardi gras themed. It is small and quaint. You won’t be dissappointed.


no! Not this hotel our family didn’t stay in the Port Orleans French Quarter before!


You’ll have a great trip, POFQ is beautiful.


have fun it is a very nice resort…my favorite is POR buy FQ will be fine enjoy and stop worrying


You will Love it. It is very quaint like the New Orleans that it simulates…without all of the yucky stuff… It is fabulous-easy walk to the lobby and buses from all rooms-so no worries about size of the resort.
The buses do sometimes take a trip through riverside on the way to the parks… that is the only drawback (but not really a drawback)- I am just ansy… It is really a great hotel. No regrets- we have stayed there 3 years in a row…


We love POFQ. it is a very small and quaint resort. It is well themed. The pool is nice and has a dragon slide going in to the pool. The resort has a food court only (compared to POR, which has a food court and a sit down restaurant). It shares the bus route with POR, but it is the first to be picked up and dropped back off on most of the runs. It has a lounge and has live entertainment I believe 4 nights a week. It is nice and relaxing.

You can take a boat from the resort up to DtD, which is a plus! You can also rent boats there to use on the waterway (not as fun as on bay lake / seven seas lagoon IMHO, but still fun). You can not go wrong with the resort.


I think your family will really like it there. Its a nice, small resort, the food court has excellent selections (yummy beignets!!) and the pool is very nice, my boys just love it! It is also very centrally located.


Ok good thing you are staying there I am dying to stay there please take lot’s of pictures and give a full discription of the room and everything!!


I think you’ll love POFQ its a beautiful well themed resort- we always stay POR but very often walk along the river to POFQ for dinner at their food court instead


Thanks for the info! I can’t wait to stay in POFQ next month!


This is my all-time favorite resort. It is small, you don’t have to pay for “preferred” because staying in a standard room is actually closer to the bus stop and food court. The pool is amazing. If you have to share a bus with POR, POFQ is the first to load in the morning and the first to empty in the evenings. I LOVE this resort!


We just returned from POFQ this week, so if anyone has any specific questions let me know. We have stayed there several times now, and it’s our favorite for several reasons. Smallworld


POFQ is my favorite hotel too! I can’t wait to stay in this hotel in the end of February!


POFQ is a wonderful resort. You can use the pool at FQ or RS. It is a short walk to RS or you can take the boat. I loved having the boat to get to DTD, much nicer than waiting for the bus. Just beware that the boats stop earlier than the buses at night and sometimes don’t run if the weather is bad. Because the resort is small, everything is close. We were in Building 7 but still close to everything.


thanks for the info!


You will absolutely love POFQ. :wub: We stay here all the time and have never been dissapointed. The pool is awesome. The whole resort is quaint and everything is just a short walk away. We always stay in building 2 with a Sassagoula River view. The boat ride to DTD is a nice alternative to the buses. You can rent bicycles or take a horse drawn carriage ride. The food at the Sassagoula Floatworks is really good. I love the veggie sandwich. Have a great time. :laugh: I wish I were going along with you!:mickey:


—I honestly think I would rather stay at POFQ than one of the Deluxe resorts!! (well there’s price of course) We just love the ambiance, the close to the front feeling, the river etc etc. The resort was full some days while we were there, due to the marathon, however the lines that did form for waffles, beinets etc moved very quickly!!

Last month, we were given a pool view room in the building right next to the food court—and we paid for a garden/courtyard view. The staff is great. The same lady that greets you cheerfully at the food court was there last trip—something that tells me its great to work there.

I am ready to head back again away from the winter weather!!! :crying:



Our family can’t wait to stay in POFQ!