Port Orleans Resort-French Quarter


Hi Everybody

Please give me your review of this resort (good & bad)



This is a very nice resort- the pool is excellent. I would not recommend paying the extra $ for a waterview, though. It wasn’t worth the difference.


Well welcome to DC Chuck! Are you thinking about staying at this resort? Have you been to Disney before?

I happened to love this resort. It is very centrally located, very short travel times to all the parks, and the atmosphere is lovely. The rooms were a good size, and we found the staff to be very helpful. And the food court was really good, gotta try those Beignets!


I have nothing but GOOD things to say about POFQ - it’s a moderate with a luxury feel.

The rooms and furnishings are beautiful. The sea serpent pool is awesome. The grounds are charming. The boat to DTD is a wonderful ride. The bus service is efficient. The beignets are :wub: AND the resort is so small that you never have far to walk anywhere.

You’re going to love it!


Welcome to DC!
We just stayed there in Jan., and are planning to stay there again next trip, we loved it so much! We have 2 kids, 5 and 8, and they just LOVED the pool (big sea serpent slide), and the food at the food court was very good. The bar was nice to go to in the evenings, and the atmosphere was great.

You get picked up by the busses before Port Orleans Riverside, so they are not full when they get you. And you get dropped off first.

Plus, you can take the boat launch to Downtown Disney, which was very cool.


Love French Quarter… the only thing that requires patience… is the bus rides, as buses are shared with Riverside… but overall, love it!!!


PJ and I just stayed there earlier this month and it was just perfect! The bus rides to the parks weren’t too bad and the rooms were great! You will love it!


We stayed at POFQ 2 years ago, and although we usually like to try different resorts, we decided that we loved it so much we’re going back this year. We really liked the smaller feel of this resort (there are only 7 buildings). It was easier to get around with the kids. The kids loved the colorful atmosphere and fun decor in the lobby & food court. They also loved the pool area and the sea serpent slide. We can’t wait to get there in June!


We just stayed there March 15-19 and LOVED IT LOVED IT! We would stay there again in a heart beat. Ask for building 3, it right beside the food court/check in building.


Have to agree with Leslie!!! Although, the MK does have it’s own bus when you leave the park, so that’s also a plus. Leslie does know what she’s talking about (her Dad and I have taught her well) She’s married, and still coming back to DW with us. We were all at FQ’s in Oct, and going back in May!!! :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


We are leaving in the morning and are staying at POFQ for the 1st time so I dont have an opinion. Im just so happy to hear all the good reviews here on the DC about the resort that I dont think you or I will disappointed…


We loved it- but we also would prefer to be closer to the bus stop and main building- that might be worth the priority location (I agree skip the waterfront) It is one of our top places we have been.



We stayed at POFQ two years ago and loved it as well, for all the same reasons given above (the boat to DTD is an especially cool extra). There’s also a nice hot tub near the pool area and the big screen TV in the food court will give the kids something to watch while eating. You won’t be disappointed if you stay there!


I just stayed there this past october and loved it. It was by far the best customer service I have ever had at WDW…it’s a great resort!


You will love POFQ, I can’t wait to go back!


Our favorite! Just there earlier this month. Going in Dec (we hope) if our move to Fla well


We stayed at POFQ in Sept and loved it. We are going back there in May. Only once or twice do I remember the bus actually going all the way around Riverside. But that could just be that I was not paying attention. The small feel of the resort was great. Food was always good although the area to get your food was small. I wonder how it will be at a busy time. You will really enjoy it!


I like it but MY favorite is PO riverside…but you will enjoy this one as well


All good, nothing bad. That’s a fact. :smile:


I just got back from POFQ…the only complaint I had was with Mother Nature. It should have been warmer. But the staff was excellent and the buses were not too bad. We stayed in Building 3 which turned out to be an excellent location.