Port Orleans Resort


We are about to make our reservation…still debating POR or POFQ. For those that have been there…this sound right?

POR - Pool with dragon slide, sit-down restaurant, larger grounds, better playground, food court, lounge

POFQ - Smaller grounds, food court, no sit-down restaurant, pool with smaller slide, first pick-up and first drop-off transportation depots

Anything else??? Which is better…POR or POFQ?


Actually the dragon slide is at POFQ. Also some added info is that POFQ was recently remodeled and they are working in phases on POR. Not sure which building is closed right now. We stayed at POR in Feb. and we wish we could’ve stayed at POFQ but is was closed for refurb. We weren’t impressed with POR and prefer CBR but that is just us. Plenty of people here LOVE POR. Have a great time.


We stayed at POR last year and LOVED it!! Great POOL, food court was excellent, neat grounds, and overall awesome atmosphere!! Bldg 14 is to be close to everything!!! The bus stop is very close, down the other path is the food court/lobby/gift shop, and down that same path is the pool/boat launch!!!
The pool is themed like a watering hole with a great slide!! I actually think that Dragon slide is at POFQ!!!
I think you would love POR!! I really have heard nothing bad about it!! Oh and if you stay there, there is a “family” style piano bar that BOB sings well known fun songs and everyone sings along!! It was truly one of the highlights of the trip!!! :wub:
Good Luck on the decision!!!


Hi there, DH and I have not yet stayed at POFQ and doubt that we will as we just luuurrrrvvvvveee POR. The setting/surroundings are lovely, you have two choices of accomodation style ( we like the Huckeberry finn style), the Food court is close by, it has quiter pools all over and the watertaxi to and from downtown alone is a great bonus.
Infact we will be taking our DD there for her very first holiday in the new year and just can’t wait.
And yep, the other guys are right, the Dragon Pool is in POFQ and the piano bar in POR is wicked!!! :happy:

go, im sure you will love it.

A xxxx


We love POR. We just got back from 4 days there last week. You know that you can use both pools as long as you are staying at Port Orleans.


I think these are both great resorts, and no matter which one you pick, you’ll have a great stay. POFQ is much smaller than POR and easier to get to everything. If your kids are younger, this may be a consideration. On the other hand, I think older kids would enjoy the POR a bit more.


Think about location. POFQ is like a deluxe hotel in it’s layout – several buildings close together with a main building in the middle with checkin/out, food court and the pool behind it (with guest room buildings flanking it). Lovely quiet streets to stroll down. Nice intimate, cozy feeling. POR is HUGE. Did I mention huge?? POR is like staying at CBR in its layout, just that it is more multi-themed. The pool and main building are not “next to” any of the guest rooms – either the mansion buildings or the aligator bayou stuff. The main pool area is connected by ramps or something to the main building as it’s like an island configuration. There doesn’t appear to be any parking near this, other than to park for the main building and trudge out back and over to the island. So think about how much travel time and proximity does it for you for the main pool and food and check in/out area. All of this is just my observations from touring the resorts as I haven’t ever stayed at either, but was looking around to see what I thought. I had thought I’d favor the mansions of POR as I’d heard such good things about it, but the sprawling size of the place re: main complex turned me off and I’d favor POFQ instead. If Mickey has the maps to both resorts up on this site, check them out so you can familarize yourself with the layout to each.


I know that POR will be undergoing some refurbishing so you may want to check on the dates. That may have a bearing on where you choose to stay.


POR would be my choice. Both the Mansions and the Alligator Bayou are great, can’t go wrong with either one.

When I made my ressie for Oct. I asked about refurbishing and the CM said she had no dates. I will switch my resort if they are under construction. Any one know who would have an inside scoop on construction dates?


We were at POR for a week in June and it was wonderful. The grounds were very nice, we had a pool right by our building that was open 24 hours besides the main pool. It is a big resort like CBR but manageable. The food court was excellent we felt too. I really don’t think you could go wrong with either POR or POFQ though.


I posted my response on the wrong Port Orleans thread! SORRY! :slight_smile:


:mickey: :mickey: We have stayed at POR twice and have loved it both times. It is a very quiet resort and very beautifully landscaped and well maintained. :mickey: :mickey: