Port Orleans Riverside, any rooms you guys suggest?


We are going the 1st of December to POR. We have 2 river view rooms. Do you guys suggest any specific buildings or rooms? We are excited to stay in this resort, but I always want the best rooms.



I think you need to tell us what makes up the “best room” for you!

I LOVE the room we had, but I think some people would find it too far from the main building.

Also, Alligator Bayou or Magnolia Bend?


I generally like a pretty view and a nice room. We want one of the updated rooms and I would love to be able to see the river going by. Other than that, easy access to the parking lot, we drive everywhere.


I once had a river view room in the Magnolia Bend section and it was one of the nicest rooms I’ve ever had at POR. I don’t remember the room number. :frowning: But I’ve stayed in Magnolia Bend quite a few times and I’ve always really liked the rooms there.


well my favorite is magnolia bend oak manor,near the bridge …options for bus stop not far from food court and almost private pool and great view of the whole resort,also acadia house that is the building with the gazeebo…


We are Alligator Bayou, Magnolia Bend, and Oak Manor- all in great positions for pools, bus stops and main building ( short walk but nothing too difficult)


Same reason as always I love this site… Quorum you can trust. We are going to check out Magnolia Bend. Everyone seems to love it!


We just back yesterday from WDW, POR
We requested Alligator Bayou building 18 like we do every year it is a perfect building. We ended up with building 16 which was still good!
Any buildings in Alligator Bayou between 14-18 are perfect.
They are close to the main buliding, buses, and the main pool.