Port Orleans Riverside vs. Caribbean Beach Resor


I think I may have finally convinced my husband to take another trip to WDW this year. The last week in August! It took an entire weekend of fast talking. The question now becomes do I do POR or CBR? This trip will be spent at the Waterparks and Disney Quest with a little less emphasis on park hopping.

My husband says he doesn’t want to try the new pirate themed rooms because they are so far away from the main theme pool.

If I were to choose CBR what is the likelihood of me getting a room close to the pool action? What about bus service? Is the new CBR main pool better than Ol’ Man Island at POR?

I guess I need some feedback on bus services? Proximity to amenities? and the theming of the main pool areas?

I know you will all have some great feedback for me!!


In our opinion, we prefer POFQ to CBR or POR.
All the resorts have wonderfully themed pools, and POR and CBR do offer the option of quite pools.
CBR and POR are very large, howver, if you opt for POFQ, it is a much smaller/quieter resort.
CBR has the benefit of beaches if you like to lay/play in the sand.
CBR is only accessible by bus. We love the option of taking the boat at POR/POFQ to DTD as we ususally plan quite a bit of time there.
CBR is definately a must-do-once for the Pirate Rooms, they’re great, but they are quite a hike to the main building, especially if you have kids in tow.
CBR is beautiful, but we love POFQ.

A tough decision! Good Luck!


If this is alot about DQ and waterparks I too would pick Port Orleans. French Quarter over Riverside, :heart: the Deagon slide. This way you could hop on a boat and putt on down to DTD.


We stayed at POR last year and it was very nice. We stayed in alligator Bayou and researched the resort as to get a room close to the main building and pool area. If you can get Buildings 14, 15 or 18 you are doing good. We were in building 17 and it was still fine. Short walk to the bus stop from the back parking lots.From what I heard Oak Manor is the easiest to maeuver as far as the Magnolia Bend houses go. Bus route were long because there are 5 stops if POFQ is sharing the buses. We used the south depot and it was usually first to pick up and last to drop off.We could get off at the West Depot but it was a little hike to our room, not the best after a day in the parks but doable. We have stayed at POFQ and honestly still prefer it to POR. Size makes it easier to get around and you still get the boats to DTD that way. Have not stayed in CBR but would say the one of the biggest draws would be the pirates rooms, so Iif they were to far from everything we would have a tough time staying there. Hope this helps. Good Luck:blush::happy:


I am biased and would have to say POR- it’s my Disney home, whatever happens there. We too love Alligator Bayou, its a great block to be pretty near to everything.


I have to vote for POFQ too.


Caribbean Beach vs Riverside = Draw


I too am having this same dilemma and will be following closely. We want to stay moderate and we love POR. We have never done CBR so that is what the draw for that one is. Have you done either of the resorts?


prejudiced but POR…boat to DTD …private pools …great food court…beautiful surroundings …good bike riding…horseback carriages and oh did I say unbelievable grounds…great general store…and don’t forget to say hi to debbie ,she works in baggage and is usually the one with mickey gloves…and can’t miss red hair


Thank you all for your input! We have stayed at CBR, POFQ, and POR. POFQ would be our first choice but we just stayed there in October, and we wanted to make a change. My family likes the boat to DTD, but I am worried about the bus situation and proximity to the theme pool with the more sprawling resorts.

Has anyone been to CBR since the pool was refurbished? My kids 6 and 8 really find the pools to make or break a hotel.


Has anyone been to CBR since the pool was refurbished? My kids 6 and 8 really find the pools to make or break a hotel.[/QUOTE]

We were there last March, the refurb is great. Our kids were 2/4/6 and they loved it. The oldest loved the larger water slide, and the younger ones loved the smaller water slide and the pirate ship splash area.
I think a 6 and 8 year old would prefer the CBR pool to the POFQ/POR pools.


Thanks Mickey Mom that is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for! What building did you stay in, and were you close enough to the pool for the kids? Did you have any issues with bus service?


If you are going to do a lot of DTD and stuff, I would stay at the POR. It is easier to get to DTD from there than CBR because of the water-way access.


i say pirates


I relaly love them both. Love both pools. Love, love them.

We have stayed in some great buildings – Jamaica, which was terrific, and Alligator Bayou 14 and 15, which are perfect.


I really like por for families and pofq for more quieter time.


I’m not with the majority; I prefer CBR over POFQ. We stayed at CBR a few years back and ABSOLUTELY loved it. As far as location, our stay in the Martinique section with a preferred room was a perfect location, close to Old Port Royal, the main pool and a bus stop.


You forgot to mention Bob the Piano guy!!! Best place to stay in Disney!


[QUOTE=luvdisney;1024515]You forgot to mention Bob the Piano guy!!! Best place to stay in Disney![/QUOTE]that is so true…been there a long time…and always puts on a great show…thanks for reminding me