Port Orleans Riverside


Just hoping that someone here might know.

On the WDW website under room features it states “in room refrigerators”. In everything else I have read, it says that they are available for rent at this hotel for $10.00 per night. I’m assuming the WDW site is correct??? Anyone know for sure?

This may be what swings me from Pop Century to POR.


I believe that all of the moderate and deluxe resorts now have in-room refridgerators for free. Value resorts still require the $10.00 fee.


Yes, the refrigerators are in the rooms at Riverside, no extra charge. We stayed there last Dec.


value resorts do charge the $10 but moderates are comletely free. We had one last time we came. It was a great bonus!


We’ve stayed at CSR and POFQ several times in the last two years and refrigerators were in the rooms. I think this is going to continue so I think you won’t have to worry about refrigerators.


I actually called the POR and they told me that refrig are a standard feature… so they are FREE


I think I read somewhere that if it so happens that your room does not have one, you can request it, and they’ll bring it right over at no charge.