Port Orleans -Riverside


Can anyone tell me about the Port Orleans Riverside. We are staying there for our trip in November and its the only place that can accomidate with a crib (so they say)

Also, what is the weather like in November?

Thank you!!:confused:


It’s a very nice resort. We stayed at the sister resort French Quarter for the first time this summer and really liked it.

How many are in your group? As far as I know all the resorts sleep 4 people plus a child under 3 in a crib.


It’s a beautiful resort. We are staying there for the second time next month. The grounds are lovely, they have a big food court, and a boat that goes to Downtown Disney. This is one of the few resorts that a family of 5 can stay in - they have trundle beds. You will have a great time.


Thank you. We are a family of 5, so we needed the trundle bed for our 16 year old son and they said that the only resort to accomidate us would be the Port Orleans Riverside. Do you know if there are mini-fridges in the rooms?


I think there are mini fridges in POR…it’s been 2 years and I’m getting old!
I would confirm your reservation before you go just to make sure you are getting what you need though as far as trundle or crib.


Since you are a family of 5 you really are limited on where you can stay. POR is the only morerate (or value for that matter) that will sleep a family of 5.

Yes, all the resorts but the values have a small fridge.


Smartwoman…love your screen name! :laugh:


We stayed at POR… and did not get a fridge. We got the standard coffee maker, iron , hair dryer, but no fridge. I would be sure to ask about that. We are a family of 4. We only had 2 beds, no trundle, I dont even think their was room for one.


We have stayed here a couple of times. It is our favorite mod resort.


You will love it there.

Did you know that you can request a roll-a-way bed for any room at Disney?
The will charge you $15.00 per night for it, but you can have one!!! :wink:


Daisee, there is a trundle underneath one of the beds, but only in the Bayou section of the resort, as far as I know


I was just there this July . . . there was a fridge and two bed . . . you can request the roll away . . . I didn’t realize there was a charge? Maybe that’s only it you have more then 4 in the room? Call and ask . . .

There were two sinks, coffemaker, fridge, table with two chairs and it was a decent size room . . . altho, I felt it was in need of a face lift . . . BUT the resort itself is beautiful with great pools, dining, etc.


One of our favorites. You wont go wrong.


We were in the Mansion area… not sure the exact name… but that is what they looked like. It has been 3 years, so I am sure they have added things since our stay.


I think you were there just before thay added the fridges to the rooms.

I think the mansion section looks beautiful. I added that request to our reservation yesterday, I know it’s just a request but I hope we get it.


We stayed in alligator bayou, which was a LOT of fun. Advice?–get a rental car!


Wow. This forum is great. Planning this trip has been very stressful when one does not know what to expect from a Disney Vacation. Everything I have read here has been very helpful, but I am still a tad nervous about the whole thing…there is so much that you have to know about planning your dining experiences, maps, strollers, what you can and cannot bring into the park…weather ect.

I know we will have loads of fun and we cannot wait.



This is our favorite resort, and we have only stayed in the Alligator Bayou section. There is a trundle bed under one of the beds. There is room for a refrigerator. The last time we were there, you needed to request it, but they may have them in all rooms now.

You may hear some posts that the wait for busses is long, but we have found the bus service to be nothing short of wonderful.

The food court is the best we have ever enjoyed, though Boatwright’s (the full-service restaurant) is not one of our faves.

There is boat service to the Marketplace area, which is convenient and fun.

The pool, entertainment, bars and grounds are excellent.

The arcade is the best in all of WDW, if your kids are into that kind of fun. Ours are, and they have spent many happy times in that arcade!

There is plenty of things to do onsite – hair braiding, bike rentals, fishing, etc. and lots of paths to explore.


We stayed at POR a few years in a row at one point and we loved it. It’s beautiful there, the food court is great, and the store (Fulton’s General Store) is our favourite resort shop. The main pool is also great, it’s my second favourite next to Stormalong Bay :happy: The bus service is good too, though depending on where you’re located it might be a bit of a walk, but it’s not too bad.


Were were at POR two years ago and did have a fridge without requesting one. The trundle was under one of the full beds. We also love this resort, and we’re going back to POFQ next month for another trip. The property can be big though. We requested a room near the lobby and had a very convenient walk to the pool, the main building and the busses.

Only advice I have is that you do need to plan a few extra minutes for bus service, since it is shared with POFQ. Riverside is last to get picked up after french quarter, and last to be dropped off. We never had a major problem with it though. Sometimes the busese were very busy going back to the resorts at night, but that would happen at any resort.