Port orleans riverside


has anyone stayed in the alligator bayou section?


Yes! I had to call my Mom sense I have all my photo stuff there and we just added that paper into our books. It was 2002 and a bit of a walk to the main building and pool. It would have been more convient for us with 3 kids for that trip and one was turning 5. We have to say that the maid was EXCELLENT! Extra touches that really made our trip extra special. I remember being able to see the tops of some fireworks from right outside our door. The pool near by was great for late night dips. Anything else I can help with?


We were in Alligator Bayou a couple summers back. Yeah, It’s real far from the main building. Far enough that I’d take the car! The pools don’t do that much for me, but I never use the one I have either. Can’t say about fireworks because I’m always inside the parks at that time. Food court was pretty standard from what I remember and we didn’t try the sit down.


YES! We just stayed there in November. We are family of 5 and we stayed for 7 nights…the rooms are a tad small and the trundle bed is short for a teenager…but the housekeeping was great, there was a fridge in the room…and some storage (shelves) the walk was not that bad as there is a bus stop just behind the building…


Welcome to MB!

I have never stayed in the alligator bayou section, but it is quite a lovely resort. Our kids love the pool!


I have not stayed in the Alligator Bayou section, but I have requested it for our September trip.

I looooove POR. I like the ability to take the boat to DTD, use both the POR and the POFQ pools, and take a surrey bike or a carriage ride throughout the property. The food court is good too.

I requested Alligator Bayou since I have stayed at POR before and would like a different experience from my last trip when I stayed in the mansions. I can say that the mansions were extremely nice, but I think my husband will like the more rustic feel of AB, and since this is his first trip since age 10, I want him to have the time of his life…so we can go back again next year!!!


If you want to be close to the main area request building 14, 15, 16, or 18. Those buildings are about as close as you can get in AB.


Stop that, Doug! You sound like an old fuddy duddy. The walks from the Bayou to the main building are beautiful and relaxing and perfect exercise.

I think not very many people wouldn’t enjoy staying there. You should give it a try :smile:

And everything mairinmaureen said up there goes for me as well :wink:

Building 18 is the very best. There’s a quiet pool at your backdoor so to speak. It’s just so perfectly located and pretty close to the Lobby and restaurants


We stayed there when it was Dixies Landing. It’s quiet and nice but far from evrything.


Believe me when I say that Alligator Bayou section is mah-velous!!! We request Buildings 14, 15 and 18 (in that order!), and they are close to the bus stop, to the main building, and to Ol’ Man Island.

There is absolutely nothing in the world like having a big stimulous-laden day at the parks with all the colors, people, noises, smells and activity, and then following it with a return to Alligator Bayou, where you will be tucked into the woods, along lily ponds and mossy trees. It is the perfect end to a hectic day, and a perfect beginning to the next one as you wake up to birds and butterflies and a great cup of coffee right next door!

I see you have stayed at Magnolia Bend many times – you will really feel like you are in a whole new resort over at Alligator Bayou! It will be an entirely new experience, but with all the familiar things you love aboutthe resort, like PIano Bar Bob, those cinnamon rolls and the boat service!

Can I come with you?


I love POR. We have stayed their twice. The pool is great and the food court is good. The boat ride to DTD is fun and relaxing.


We’ve stayed at POR 4 times, 2 in AB. It can be quite a hike to the main area, but it is a nice hike! POR is the only moderate I’ve stayed in and I love it.
The food court can get a little crazy at regular breakfast and dinner times, so if you’re going to WDW at peak time I’d plan on getting to the food court early or waiting until after the crowds thin a bit.


Last year we stayed in Magnolia Bend and really enjoyed it but my DH’s preferance by far is Alligator Bayou for the reasons stated so nicely by MissDisney. We were in building 27, not too far a walk, over a little bridge, the canopy of green so nice and cool.

We will be staying there again in Sept, due to health issues we hope to be right beside the main building though. Wish we could be a little further away but will be glad to be back.


P.S. Here is a link to the map of POR. You will see that Buildings 14, 15, 18, 16, 27 and 17 are close to the main building.

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside map - wdwinfo.com

And even if you end up with a room that is farther away from the main building, the grounds are so gorgeous, you will enjoy the walk for breakfast. There are bus stops all over the place, as well. Plus, many moderates have layout that are really spread out, so it pays with all of them to request the building you want – you often get the request!


If I want exercise from walking, there’s 4 parks I can walk my feet off in! (And did)
We were in something like building 37 or 39, way at the end of the property and the nearest bus stop wasn’t even close. And we were there in July, and there is nothing “magical” about walking 300 feet and being covered from head to toe in your own juices:eek:


Soundgod, Why are you always so negative with your posts ? always contradicting what everyones post ? POR seems to be alot of our favorite resort. Its my favorite moderate …Yes it can be a long walk but Its also a nice peaceful walk that you can see bunnies and especially when it a cooler morning seeing mist of the river is a beautiful sight …


I totally understand, I think.
:cool: I know I am spoiled going in November (strolling through the parks, never rushing or standing in long lines) and getting rooms closer to the main building (strolling or walking briskly - totally my choice) to wherever I want to go. The weather never disappoints.


I don’t think his was a negative post at all. He explained his view from an earlier post, to which I invited a reply :blush:


People, especially newcomers post here looking for a variety of opinions, and they won’t get that variety if you get 25 posts all saying “yeah, stay here, it’s the best!”. People want the upside and downside as well.


I have to agree with everyone actually!
I went in June and I hated being drenched in my own sweat just to get breakfast. Then again when everyone insist on going back to the room and then catching the bus. But yes on the 1 or 2 cooler days it was a beautiful walk with the bunnies, butterflies, mossy trees, water views…I could go on but you get the picture. I believe we were in building 34 which was perfect to catch the bus especially when getting dropped off and having us take turns carrying sleeping children. But the main building on those hot days, I would have liked to be closer. It’s one of my Moms favorite resorts and she was very excited when I made the reservations for that trip…once she found out it was previously called Dixie Landings.