Port Orleans Riverside



Anyone stayed at Riverside? Give me the low down. We had standard view rooms for Dec. 2-7 but I was lucky enough tonight to change to river view rooms. Give the the info, what do you guys think? We have free dining and they changed the dining week and our week now wasn’t included so I was nervous, but all turned out well! We wanted to change to French Quarter, but that was a no go. So, is Riverside great?


We are a family of 5 so our choices are limited as far as accomodations go.
So we kind of default to P.O.R. but love it. We always stay in the alligator bayou section and are always close to the main building. The grounds are full of beautiful trees pathways and lots of wildlife ( geckos and such) no Lions or anything, The pools are great as there are many a main pool with lifeguards Ol man swimming pool then there are more smaller pools with out life guards more for use of those whose rooms are in the vincinty. I tihnk they refer to them as quiet pools. The grounds has I think 3 or 4 bus stops through out the resort for getting around. The main bldg which can be a far walk for some buildings is great a restuarant Boatwrights, a great food court with I think 4 stations to choose from for QS meals. An Arcade, and nice general store.
The bonus for us is the boat to DTD from the main building A MUST.
The resort has other activities like fishing, Horse drawn carriage ride, Bike rentals ( all costs money) Another must is Bob he plays in the lounge on select nights and gets everyone involved WARNING he is loud.
There is a hot tub and a small slide at the main pool but no hot tubs or slides anywhere else.
The resort is quite large so try your best to be near the main building.
Magnolia bend we have heard is beautiful but haveing never stayed there have no personal knowledge.

Hope this helps


Yes, POR is great. :happy: And river view - ooh la la!

POR is one of my favorite resorts! It’s hard for me to choose between POR and POFQ - I love them both! There is lots to do around POR. Even just strolling from your room to the main building and back makes for a great night!

Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:


I have a real soft post for POR (Dixie Landings when we stayed) because it was the first resort we stayed in, on our first trip to WDW. For the next five years we didn’t stay anywhere else.

It’s a wonderful resort. Great for kids to run around. The food court was excellent and the grounds were gorgeous. Our only dilemma was which area we stayed in - my kids loved the Alligator Bayou part and I loved the mansions part; but both were terrific. I seem to remember that Oak Manor became our location of choice - very close to the lobby, main pool and food court, yet very quiet.


Stayed there in May. It was a very nice resort. We really liked the boat shuttle to Downtown, and counter service area was good. Liked the decor.

All things considered, however, my family wants our next trip to be back at Carribean Beach. They felt that bus service was better at CB, and there are two hot tubs, rather than one. I thought the food was slightly better at CB as well.


POR is one of our favorite resorts. The themeing is fantastic, the counter service food is great for breakfast especially (it is a shame that Boatwrights no longer serves breakfast since they were better at that than they are at dinner, but that’s a minor issue). I would highly recommend POR. The river view makes you feel like you’re right on the Mississippi.