Port Orleans - Riverside


OK, we have booked - I booked a River View Room and out of the building they said I could stay in, with my party of 5 - I requested Building #38. Anyone familiar enough with this resort to tell me if I chose well.


“Dad”—we stay in the French Quarter, but I’m sharing a link to a good map. It looks like you chose on the River. However, you are paying for a room on the river, but that doesn’t always mean you will be right on the river facing it…it may be a room that has a river view. I requested certain buildings this last time ant FQ and didn’t get anywhere near by…so…

If you are paying for River View, they have to give you a “view” but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be right facing the river. I’ve known people that have paid for river view and got a room with just that—a view from an angle.

I didn’t notice if you had stayed at Port Orleans before—you will love it. Riverside is more spread out than French Quarter—that’s why we choose to stay at FQ instead, but I love the decor of RS, and they do have a sit down restaurant in addition to the food court.


If you have any other questions about Port Orleans, let me know. :slight_smile:


Do you have an Unofficial Guide? They have maps of all the resorts. If your room is for 5, then you will definitely be in Alligator Bayou; from what I can tell, that should be a nice location. Further away from Bonnet Creek Pkwy and close Ole Man Island (main pool). Bldgs 14, 18, 27 and 38 appear to be on the river. Building 38 seems to be the closest of all to the pool and the shops, food court and entertainment.


38 does have a nice view of the river if you’re in the right room. It’s also close to a bus stop, but far from the marina, restaurant and everything else. What we liked best was how peaceful it was. I think you’ll like it. The best in the Bayou are buildings 14 and 18, but are very hard to get. One year we booked what they called then a “water” view. We got a slight view of a pool, that was drained. Got a full refund when we got home.


We stay at Port Orleans every year!
We love it!!
We are always in Alligator Bayou buildings 16, 17 or 18 I believe they were and the locations were great!! Now we didn’t have a river view so if you are set on having a river view then you chose well! If you don’t want to pay the extra money for the river view you can request a building and any of those buildings are perfect they are close enough to the water park and the dining hall but still far enough from traffic, no more than a 5 minute walk from either of the two :happy:

We love Port Orleans Riverside :wub::heart:


I would not worry so much about the water view. I would worry about the walking time. We were there in Marxh and the resort was great. We stayed in bldg 28, and it was a long walk by the end of the week to the bus stop or the main bldg. Would I stay there again? Yes. I think that there is no real benefit of a water view from a room that is separated from the water by a walkway. However, it looks like it is not too far from the bus stop, but a good walk to the main bldg. Factor that into your decision. It is 10 times farther when you are tired from the parks all day (we’re commando types too)…


This is a bit off topic but i’ve read reviews stating if possible try and request a corner room. Those have double windows which give the illusion of larger space.


Yes that’s true…they do…I’ve stayed in one at POFQ…however, we found that since it was a corner, it was a bit noisier…and…since none of these rooms in either of the PO resorts have balconies, window views, IMHO are really pointless…unless you are on the first floor you are looking out on railing first…and always on the people walking by.


Thinking more about this…I really wouldn’t worry too much about the view (well, unless it’s the parking lot - that sort of takes away from the Magic). The rooms at moderates don’t have balconies, so it’s not like you can sit outside and enjoy your view - you sort of have to look out the window, past the walkway and then get to the river.


Yes…that’s why I never pay for anything but the standard view…the rooms are the same (except for the new specially decorated ones) it’s just the “view” from the door that’s different…and you do have to go outside to “see” it. For me personally it’s not worth the extra $25/night for a water view…Just my own opinion…

There are some good descriptions and comments in the “Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World”…