Port Orleans Riverside/French Quarter


Hello all! I haven’t been on Mousebuzz for quite sometime. We are currently planning a big trip for my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary in December. Are there any buildings that are better than others? We haven’t completely decided if we are going to stay at Riverside or French Quarter so any recommendations are welcome! Thanks!


My favorite is riverside for so many reasons,the food court the secondary pools,the atmosphere, the night time entertainment…and the location…boat to downtime…etc


PORS and POFQ are sister resorts and right next to each other so their location is the same. They both are great resorts, however they differ in size. RS is much bigger than FQ. The walk to food court and "front"of the resort is farther than FQ. but RS does have a sit down restaurant and FQ does not.

So it just depends on what you want in a resort…

We have stayed at both but prefer FQ now and always return there…we like that there is only one bus stop, and everything is a short walk away…

As far as buildings to recommend at FQ…we found that they have changed their building designations now…their regular or garden view is the least expensive rooms, then pool view than water view…we usually are in building 5 as we request but were told last summer that it has premium rooms now so. All that has changed.

Any room at FQ is a good room IMHO…none are too far away from the food court or bus stop…I can’t speak for specific rooms at RS since I haven’t stayed them in a while…Allears has specific info and pictures on the resorts, as well as good maps of both resorts…


This may help you in choosing. There are maps and pictures included in the link.
Port Orleans Riverside: Royal Guest Rooms in the Magnolia Bend Mansion Buildings


We stayed at POR in building 27 with riverview/river front room. It was very nice and close to lobby/food court. We were basically the same distance from three bus stops BUT we usually chose South (Main) when leaving and whichever got us to the room quickest on return.


I think Smallworld sums up my thoughts fairly well.

One thing to consider at Riverside. The Alligator Bayou buildings are all two stories and have no elevators. So, if you can’t deal with stairs, keep this in mind.


We will need handicap accessible rooms, are those only in the certain buildings? If so, I would assume it would be the building closest to the front lobby/check in. Is that correct?


These are two different (but “sister”) resorts with separate check in and lobby areas. You will need to specify what you need when you book reservations. In the past, we have been assigned handicap accessible rooms in different buildings so I would think that they would be in any of the buildings with elevators. --but you need to ask specifically about their location.

You can request certain buildings, but there is no guarantee—especially if all buildings have handicapped rooms. If you are concerned about being far away from the food court and “front” of the resort, I would go with French Quarter—it is less spread out. All buildings there have elevator access–although the elevators are not on the ends of each building.

Did you take a look at the map on Allears.net?



We use to favor Riverside(Dixie Landing and will always be that to us), but the last time down we tried FQ and for now on that will be the one we will use. It smaller and quieter than Riverside. We love walking the streets at night. Plus the elevators, that help with my knee problem if I get a third floor room. Most of the time we get off at Riverside and walk back down to FQ. It only about a 10 mins walk and we love the to walk it together. We been married as of this summer for 47 yrs and we love the slow waalks still together.


if I remember there were elevators in the magnolia bend buildings ???


Magnolia Bend has elevators…Alligator bayou does not…but that’s in Riverside…all FQ buildings have elevators…