i have never heard anyone mention this one. I found it on all ears. it looks interesting. any opinion. experiences?


We ate at Portobello years ago and really enjoyed it. We’ve wanted to eat there again but we’ve always been on the dining plan and it doesn’t participate. It’s in DTD.


the whole wait staff dresses up like giant mushrooms right?


with cheeze


We ate there in 2004 and enjoyed the meal.
We just haven’t been back since because I really really like Fulton’s.
As everyone else points out, Portobello isn’t part of the regular or deluxe dining plan.
Back in 2004 they did participate in the dining plans that were part of the silver, gold, and platinum (grand) plan packages.
If you are interested in spending money for one of the current all inclusive vacation plans, both Portobello and Fulton’s participate in them. But of course, these are premium plans that also include unlimited recreation, (most) tours, and deluxe plus dining (several restaurants that don’t do the more popular plans participate), and La Nouba tickets.


Portobello is a regular stop for us - generally lunch on one of the days shopping at DtD. We really enjoy it. Good food.


Something to keep in mind is that if you have an AP, you get a 20% discount at lunch and a 10% discount at dinner (this goes for Fulton’s, Wolfgang Puck Cafe, and House of Blues as well).


we don’t have a ap… we are really not close enough to go that often to make it worth the cost


during the peak of the ecomonic downturn we ate there they had a nice promo,actually enjoyed it …but when it comes to all the choices somethings have to be left out …but in the future will try it again ,I have no negatives to report