Portuguese food?


Hi everyone! Do you know if there are any places in the World with Portuguese food? Thanks!!


Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I ran across Portuguese food in the real world. So I doubt there’s any place that specializes in anything more than a dish or two of Portuguese inspired recipes.


I haven’t seen any at WDW. However, we have a BIG Portugese population in NY. Here in Long Island (Mineola to be exact) and in Jamaica, Queens. There are Portuguese restaurants aplenty.


I don’t even know what Portuguese food is!


The closest would probably be Mediterranean.


Oh I love Portugese food and Portugal! Portugese Piri Piri chicken is delicious, hot spicy and scrumptious!


Thanks…I have a friend who is 1/4 portuguese. The chicken dish sounds good!


Maybe during the Food & Wine Festival?


Not sure I recall ever seeing a Portugal section or a Portuguese stand, but who knows.

Anyway, here’s a list of what the booths were last year. To me it looks like there’s a South American trend with both Spain and Portugal being left out.

Food and Wine Festival - Epcot


Umm Soundgod, Portugal and Spain are in Europe, not South America. Not sure if you were saying that Disney didn’t include them in the South America trend, or that they were dropped when the added more South America booths.

And the link you included has a booth called “Barcelona Spain”

I think the early menu’s of Spoodles would have gotten into the “ball park”. It will be interesting what menus that Cat Cora when her restaurant opens to replace Spoodles.


I’m 100% Portuguese and smack dab in the middle of “Portugal West”. If they had Portuguese food at WDW it would be a HIT!