Possible 2010 WDW trip - help?


SOOOOO As we all know (or at least those of you who know me or post in the DLR threads), know I am a complete and total DLR person, meaning when it comes down to total WDW stuff I dont know much about it (yes, Ive been to the resort various times and such but have never had to pay anything myself since my parents always took care of that part in the past). Well starting this summer I now get 2 weeks paid vacation at my job and next year I will have 2-3 weeks paid vacation and would love to go to WDW, I havent been since 2006ish? I went for a day back in 2008 when I was visiting family but that doesnt count IMO.

So to the point Im getting to, in 2010 I would love to take a vacation to WDW, it will give me time to save between now and late summer of 2010.

Would anyone mind giving me some money saving pointers, good tips, etc to help stretch the dollar, get the best deals, when is a good time to not go/to go. Im sure I will probably stay at a Value Resort (although deluxe or moderate would be nice but Im sure will be to costly) and just take Disney’s Magical Express bus system. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! I will also have to buy a plane ticket as I live in California. I still plan to be a Cast Member at that point in time so I will get CM discounts when I go if that helps with anything!

Thanks so much!!


Ok…for me IMO go in Sept and hope for free dining. Also stay at a value. I enjoy All Star Movies. I’m staying at POP this Sept. For me and my 7 year old with free DDP it was $1296 for 10 days 9 nights so that may give you an idea. I always fly South West. I was able to get 2 RT tickets for $278


Money savings tips ala Dana
*spare change jar - I do not use exact change for anything and dump my wallet out at least once a week into my disney jar. Over a year or more, you could save hundreds and use it as spending money for the trip.

*book online or with a GOOD disney travel agent. You are albe to pay for the trip in payments making it an interest free way of paying off your trip slowly rather than with a CC. I prefer to book my own because it gives me TOTAL control of the discounts that come out etc. and I can have them applied rather than wait for someone else to do it for me. Also, I like the fredom of bringing my trip up online and keeping track of the payments I make.

*go in value season…if you are going in the summer, go the last full week of August. You may also be able to get free DDP.

*get at least the counter service DDP…it’s nice having your meals paid for and only worry about having spending money. the counter service plan really works in your favor if you use it wisely.

*start watching for flights 6-8months before you travel…pick a price you are willing to pay and nab it once you see it. Don’t wait to long to book thinking it’s going to keep going down in price.

*stay value…

*SAVE now! Book that trip as soon as possible even if you have to book room only and add the package later. The more time you have to pay it off the better.


Ditto on everything Dana said, and I would add to keep an eye on mousesavers.com. They post discount codes there, and also feature other helpful advice.