Possible 2011 DDP changes


Reported on another site is that the 2011 DDP packages released by Disney to Disney certified travel agents in the UK don’t include dessert on both the QS or Regular DP. The refillable mug that comes with the QS has also been dropped. These packages aren’t available in the US at this time but may be an indication of what’s to come. WOW! Increased taxes and now no dessert next year! That hurts!


Wow the dessert is a surprise but as far as I know we never received a refillable mug (here in the US) with any plan!



I found that with the counter service, they give you so much food that the dessert was just too much. Oftentimes, we got the dessert and gave it to another patron or told them we did not want it.


I got two refillable mugs with mine in Feb. 2010 (QS) and my mom got hers in May 2010(QS). It tells you on the Disney site that you get a refillable mug with the DDP.


2010 plan has a refillable mug with QS but we’re talking 2011 plan here.


Ummmm I am confused what is QS? Is it the same as Counter Service (CS)?



Yeah. Disney site calls it Quick Service Dining Plan.


What is the upcharge per level of the DDP? I think I figured it out $320 for each upgrade. I don’t get a refillable mug with my plan.:frown:


Sorry, I used the Disney lingo for their dining plan (DDP) or Disney Dining Plan NOT to be confused with their Deluxe Dining Plan (DDP used on the blogs). Looks like Disney is talking about the REGULAR DINING PLAN eliminating the dessert and Counter or Quick Service Plan eliminating the refillable mug.


Did you have the quick service dining plan? The regular and deluxe dining plans do not include a free mug.


the last time we were in WDW (april) - we got a mug with the deluxe plan. i believe we are also getting them in december.


We should ask Jimbo didn’t he say he is booked for next year with dinning maybe he would know if the plan has changed!!!


Deluxe includes a mug.


Refillable mug is only part of the quick serve and deluxe plans, but not the standard plan.
I’ve got all the free mugs to prove it. (deluxe plan times 6)


[QUOTE=lisalovesmickey;1036583]Ummmm I am confused what is QS? Is it the same as Counter Service (CS)?


Q(uick) S(erve) = C(ounter) S(erve).


Sorry about. :blush:


I contacted my tour operator and they confirm that we will get desert with table service next year. this causes me some concern as they went on to say Disney have the right to make changes to the plan at any time!!

At the moment the counter service and deluxe plan in UK you get a free refill mug but not with the regular plan (1 snack, 1 TS, 1 QS).

seems to me the charges keep going up and the quality and options go down:crying:


no worries…i just hope they keep the mug in 2011 - we can’t get enough of that pomegranite lemonade…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol