Possible ADRs


My 180 days is fast approaching. Ok, maybe October isn’t fast approaching, but I want to be prepared. I’ve created a tentative list of ADR’s and I am very curious to see what all of you think. Is there anything I am missing that is a must? Is there anything I have listed that is a dud? We definitely want to see some characters while we dine, so any suggestions in that realm would be great. Also (and I’m talking to you here, Soundgod), what restaurants/reservation times are best to view the fireworks? And should we request a certain location or table? This trip is for 2 adults on the Deluxe Dining Plan.

Be Our Guest
California Grill
Artist Point
Yachtsman Steakhouse
50’s Prime Time Café
Cinderella’s Royal Table
Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
Crystal Palace
Liberty Tree Tavern
La Hacienda de San Angel


The only one I would have concerns about is Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. I have had a meal there and was not impressed at all. . I had lunch. I have heard breakfast was better but lunch and dinner were very mixed reviews. All the rest sound great.


Your choices look great. For Be Our Guest, the best night to plan for that would be your last full night of Disney. It gives you the best possible of chance of getting that ADR.


Agreed. My DD is very picky when it comes to eating. The Akershus was a great experience with the Princesses but we didn’t care for the food selections.


You have a nice array of all different kind of food choices. I think you did good with your picks!


is Akershush breakfast, if so you are fine. Flying Fish is a good one…all good choices. I am not head over heals for San Angel but I am so used to quick processed type Mexican food, I don’t think my taste buds new how to handle fresh real cilantro.


Your choices are about the same as ours. Askershus for breakfast is what we are doing and 2 years ago hubby got sick and we believe it was from CP since he ate 2 things from the salad bar no one else ate so we will not go back for a while. Nice choices hope you have great meals


we go to CP every year, my kids like it but it is not one of my favorites - we do it now for breakfast or lunch. I can handle those type of Vegas buffets if its for lunch or breakfast - I just cant do it for supper when there are so many really good places to eat.


I am definitely on the fence about Akershus. It made the list purely for the character experience. Thank you for the tip about breakfast. I’m guessing that is what we’ll end up booking now.


My birthday is May 3rd which is the second to last night of our trip. I am hoping we can get a reservation that night, so we can get some of The Gray Stuff!


After some of the advice found here, I think we will be booking Akershus for breakfast. Also, I was thinking the EXACT same thing about La Hacienda de San Angel, but DH loves the more authentic Mexican food. Do you think the San Angel Inn would be better?


We were thinking of Crystal Palace for breakfast too. I am not a breakfast lover at all, but we seem to get hungry as soon as we get to the parks. The ability to get into the park before everyone else sold me on the idea. I absolutely have to get a picture of Mickey and Walt without people milling about.


Thank you to Nastory4, bethishooked, and Holly, for your insight as well! :mickey:


I was also thinking of adding Citricos or Narcoossee’s. Anybody have a preference?


I would pick Narcoossee’s. We have eaten at both and I like Narcoossee’s better. plue you can see the fireworks if you time it right.


Great choices. A lot of them are my personal favorites.