Possible Chilly Weather vs Guaranteed Giant Crowds?


Many of you have heard me mention that my family is planning a large vacation next year with about 15 of our relatives. My parents are using their DVC points to cover the cost of accommodations for everyone for four nights and then everyone is on their own.

Our original plan was to go during what is our April school vacation up here(April 18 - April 23 or 24), not really thinking about the impact of Easter crowds. Easter falls on the Sunday at the END of our vacation. I had thought that by going the week before Easter, we would avoid the Easter rush but I now see that the two weeks around Easter are nearly as crowded.

Our only other alternatives are to wait another year and go during April vacation in 2012 or go during February vacation in 2011. I had hoped to be able to convince everyone to go in February but after the really crazy cold temps WDW has seen this winter and all the major snowstorms that crippled air traffic for a bit, I am not sure if the rest of my fam will go for it.

Each option has its plusses and minuses, but I know it will take more convincing to switch everyone’s mind to February. My question is what would all of you do and should I really spend a lot of time trying to change people’s minds?


PROs - Warmer weather, less chance of weather affecting our air travel, Flower and Garden Festival, longer park hours
CONs - Higher air fare, larger crowds, more DVC points needed, less discounts for additional rooms for extra days


PROs - Smaller crowds, less expensive air fare, less DVC points needed
CONs - Cooler temperatures, shorter park hours, possible weather issues with air travel


I voted for keeping it where it is. After the dismal vacation we had in January this year we will never, ever go to Florida December through February again. Our whole trip was ruined by the cold. You have everything sorted - starting over again will just be a huge headache.


I voted to keep it where it is. Easter isn’t a terribly crowded time to go and you’re right, the weather should be nice. After seeing how cold it can get this past December, I’m thinking about cutting out winter trips from now on…it just sucked!


I don’t remember Easter being horribly crowded myself ( I was in WDW on my College Program over easter MANY years ago) but I have read some commentary here and on some other boards where people say the crowds are huge and totally unmanageable. I don’t know what to think!


We were just there during the cold and it was COLD! But we have been going for the past seven years and this was the coldest trip EVER! But we didn’t have that bad of a time. Crowds were pretty low, it only rained three days! As Presidents day approached it got super busy, a lady working at epcot said it was as busy as new years. She said it was super busy for this time of year. So I am just giving you our opinion and not voting…cause I like all the options!


I would go with smaller crowds and the possibility of cooler weather. We were there in December, and although it was very chilly (highs in the low 40s), we just bundled up and went. I doubt that next winter will be very cold as this winter has been unusual. We live in Charlotte, NC, and our weather has been unusually cold, and I think the entire southeast has experienced colder than normal temperatures. Even if it is cooler than you would like, you won’t have to contend with long lines so you’ll be able to get inside an attraction quicker and warm up if you need to.


I voted February. I’m thinking with such a large group going, it will be much more stressful with the parks being extremely crowded, trying to keep everyone happy. In February, it is much lighter crowd wise (except President’s day) so everyone will be much more relaxed. Weather this year is an extreme. I’m thinking (hoping) that it was just a fluke, and things will get back to normal soon (weather wise).


We were there in January, and while it was cooler than usual, it certainly was doable. I preferred the cooler temps as opposed to our October trip where the temperatures were ABOVE normal…it was HOT! The crowds in January were light (except for Fantasyland and ToonTown Fair where the crowds are never light), and the ride lines were pretty quick. We had friends who went the two weeks surrounding Easter last year and said it was awful…way too crowded, long lines, particularly difficult maneuvering the stroller.
This year’s weather has been unusual (to say the least), and I would be surprised to see a repeat next year…at least I hope not because we will go back next January.


:eek: too man choices :eek:

I think keep it as it is… :closedeye Easter is a fun time to be there


I would rather deal with the chilly temps rather than the crowds. Keep in mind, if you’ve been watching the weather reports, that this winter weather is due to an abnormal weather pattern (Elnino ?) Anyway, I’ve heard reports that this weather pattern will change for next winter. Who knows, maybe next winter it will be in the 90’s in February. We’ve already encountered 85 degree temps in December 2008 while there. Ya never know.


Hmmm…you’ve got two tough choices, and lots of votes for both sides…not sure we’re much help!:laugh:

We avoid crowds like the plague and always try to travel at quieter times, but, we’re also from the Great White North and if we’re going to travel all the way to Florida, we want sun and heat! So, if I had to choose between the two, I would take good weather and crowds over the possiblity of cooler temps.

I’m already worried that it will still be cool for our trip in 4 weeks!!

Good luck with your choice!


Being a FL girl, I totally agree!! We have been freezing down here!! Today is the warmest it has been in a long time!! I was actually sweating today while playing outside and complaining- just like DH says, I’m never happy- too hot, too cold! Cooler temps this time of year are normal- like low to mid 70’s. This 40’s BS has got to go!!


Easter. It will be busy but everything should be in full swing. Kali and Splash and the resort pools will not be as shocking. :eek:


I would not risk getting a flight in February from Boston. If you get delayed, you could lose a couple of days of your stay. Also, flights in February can be more expenisive. My brother in law just went to Ft. lauderdale with his famly of four and his flights were well over $2000. I have gone to Tampa (not Orlando) during April and had reasonable flights. The weather was perfect as well. It may be a little more crowded but at least you will know you can get there!


As a fellow MA lady I would not chance the weather in Feb.
I really love WDW in April. Late March - early April is my absolute favorite time to go!


I’m not so sure that holds true for the weeks surrounding Easter. We have reservations the week leading to Easter this March, and are having to drive from Chicago area because I can’t find a flight under $600 per person. I’ve been looking for months and months, and have never seen it go down.


I have always found this to be true too. It always seems to be more expensive when flying in March or April due to spring/Easter breaks. That’s something else that should be taken into consideration.


I voted to keep it as it is. Its a lot to rearranged everything and I don’t think the crowds will be as crowded as you might think. The economy is horrible right now and many people are canceling trips to Disney due to the cost.


We actually went around Easter for our spring break a few years ago and I know I didn’t pay more that $250 a flight. Granted prices have increased since then, but it was still reasonable. I think it is expensive if you travel around any spring break. We traveled Southwest out of Providence which is often a little more reasonable.


I voted Feb b/c you get to go sooner :slight_smile: That has to be worth something!!