Possible DC meet n' greet?


hey yall. I was thinking of something. I dont know if this will be possible but am I the only one here going to DLR on May 5th? If not and some of you are as well going I was wondering if you would be interested in doing some type of DC meet n’ greet? We could all meet up somewhere to just say hey and stuff…what do yall think? :smile:


that would be great


we want to go then also, if we are able to I would love to meet the people I have been chatting with all of these months!


Yea, I thought that would be a great opportunity to meet some people from good ol’ DC. :smile:


thats a fun idea. too bad i am stuck in my lil old town of reno!!!


that’s cool, I’m gonna be there in the 5th
I’m sure Princess Tessa and I would meet n’ greet


AB…I’m sure if you plan it…they will come. We are unsure if we are going to go to DL on the 5th but we will be landing in LAX at 5:21 in the AM!!! we got lots of kids traveling with us, and if it’s CRAZY, like I’m sure it will be, I don’t want to chance it! but maybe a meet n greet in DTD??? keep me posted!


It’s a Thursday - I have class that afternoon/evening and the kids have school in the morning.

Dh will be there though!

Have fun - sorry I can’t make it!


forget about class and the kids that day, and go treat yourself to some fun :mickey:


Some of us are stuck on an island in the South Pacific, and are restricted from making it to Disneyland only 2-3 weeks a year…

Sounds like a good excuse for a “sick” day…


It’s not quite that simple - I’m graduating in May with my masters and missing a class isn’t an option.

My son is begging to go though…mean mom I am! :biggrin:


If your talking about on the 5th it sounds maybe ok to me (read the last sentence and you’ll know why I said Maybe ok), Ill be at/near the entry plaza WAY early in the am (2-3 am) so we could either like meet around there or something. My only concern is if I head over to DTD I’ll most likely loose my spot. :smile:



Why will you be there at 2-3 a.m.?? Isn’t that a bit early?


Its called getting into line and into DL before the other 4 bazillion people do. and considering every Disneyland Resort hotel and most surrounding hotels are booked for May 5th I have a very high feeling its going to be a bit crowded and most CM’s already know its gonna be cram-packed.


it doesn’t have to be the 5th… or in the am…the pm probably seems more doable…I really don’t know…like I said…if you plan it they will come…



oh dear…2-3am. My friends and I were thinking 5am…starting to think maybe I shuld just go to english class.


just ask AHB to say you a spot…then you can do the meet and greet right there in line…and you can go to class!


oooh! Samoa!
Talofa mai Canada! :biggrin:


can we think of a serious time and place for this meet n’ greet?


It simply isn’t gonna happen…my kids have school too. And certainly not at 2 am! And to be honest, DL is the LAST place I want to be that day…it’s going to be wall to wall people!

I’m not so sure that dh would be too keen on me doing a meet-n-greet anyway… He’s already iffy about me posting here at all. We have to maintain a certain level of anonyminity because he works for the company.

So, I’m sorry…count me out…