Possible DL Springbreak Trip!


That’s right, usually every spring break we go to the OR Coast(Our home away from home :wub: ) but if the weather is bad like it is now, that means NEW TRAVEL PLANS! Which means…DL! It prob. won’t happen but there’s always hope right? :angel:


ooooooh here’s hoping kid!!!
That would be TOO awesome!!! Keep us updated on the situation and I’m sure any of us wouldn’t mind helping whine to anyone who needs convincing :tongue:


My 11-year-old niece & I will also be traveling to California over her spring break from school to visit Disneyland (and the other area attractions) for the first time. It will also be her first plane trip. We are so excited! :mickey: I have been doing so much planning that I have fallen hopelessly behind on my e-mail. We’re hoping for pleasant (not blazingly hot) weather, and manageable crowds! I didn’t realize that our trip would be over Easter until I had already bought the plane tickets. We’ll be arriving in Anaheim on Easter Sunday, after spending the weekend in San Diego. We’ll head back home on Friday April 21st. Hope your trip goes well also! :flowers:


C-Palace, I hope it works out for you!!! We’ll all be holding our breath!!!


I hope that you can squeeze in that DL trip!

So where on Oregon’s coast do you guys hang out usually??? :huh: I like Canon Beach quite a bit… But there are sooooo many cool places! :cool:


Oh i love cannon beach!!! hope you get to go to DL!! my brother is going on a school band trip to Dl without me so i’ll be home thinking about him!!


Hope hope and hope some more!!! :smile:


Yep Cannon Beach is the main place! I LOVE IT! We might end up buying some property on there later on in the year. I love all the cities on the coast, their all amazing and unique. I’ve been to most them. Newport, Yachats, Astoria, Seaside, Depot Bay, Lincoln city. They are just so amazing ^_^. And HAYSTACK ROCK ROCKS! hahah =P


wow that would be so awesome to get to go to DLR for Spring Break, it might be a bit crowded but that never stops me! You’ll have awesome time! :smile:


Wishing really hard for a spring DLR trip!!! Let’s see…Oregon…DLR…Oregon…DLR??? YEP!! DLR wins EVERYTIME!!! :tongue:


Hahaha I know! It just depends we’re still leaning between both and we haven’t booked anything! It’s always possible!