Possible major changes in Pkgs


Ok so its really rumor at this point- but I was trying to get pricing and that “live person” thing came on- I asked about the pkg thing and if its ok to guess on pricing for dining and rooms and tickets based on Sept- the answer was not that it was not comparable due to cost but because He did not want to encourage magic my way and then not have it be avail when the new packaging is released. He also implied that the dining program will be changed as well. Magical Express however will remain free- he did confirm that. His wording was very much like he knew what was to come and not to count on anything. He also said words like “leak” and “announce” and so on- perhaps yet another plan with this new celebration thing?


Interesting. It’s hard to take anything they say to heart though. With us all getting multiple answers all the time, I prefer to wait and see official announcments and not go off what one cm implies. Changes will come eventually as WDW loves to keep us all on our toes. We will just have to wait and see I guess.


Special deals would be a good change :biggrin:


I can’t believe that they would do away with Magic Your Way. When that was rolled out, it seemed like they were really behind it, and that it’d be around for a while. Who knows. WDW is everchanging and evergrowing, and unfortunately that includes packages and pricing.

In my case anyway, it seems like just when I get used to a pricing plan (Magic Your Way, Length of Stay, etc.), they change it. :pinch: :glare: :dry:


I REALLY hope they do not change the dining plan! It is WONDERFUL!!!


Perhaps they will be making the packages even better?


If they change the dinning plan at all, they need to make it available for purchase to everyone all the time, not just with a purchase of a magic your way package. I have a season pass and can’t get a dining plan at all.


Well, the trick I used to get around that is to go ahead and book a MYW package with a 1 day base ticket for everyone. It may not be worth it ordinarily but it is during the free dining period. Plus they say that they will credit the value of the 1 day base ticket toward next year’s ap if you do not use the base ticket. During the free dining period, my family of 4 is staying at PC for 4 nights for $699 including dining and a ticket that can be used later. Not too shabby!!!

But I agree! I think dining plan should be open to every one, maybe just at a lower cost as part of a package or to ap passholders.


Hmmm, this sounds interesting. Maybe there is other info out there to back this up. I may have to check.


Well, I did it. My family of 5 is staying at the Pop for 4 nights with free dining for a little over 500 dollars.

YOu can’t beat it!

My 4 one day, one park base tickets will be applied to my AP renewal in January, or used during a blackout date for my Seasonal Passes. It’s a one day ticket, so it doesn’t ever expire. :c)


Maybe they are changing to a meal program similar to US? I heard the plan there is much better…


No you can’t!!!


I have to agree Dana, so many times you can get a CM that really does not know what is going on. Even CM’s sometimes go on rumours


I always just kinda take the best deal I can get - I never have expectations!
That way I’m usually happy with what I get. LOL.

I’ll be anxious to see what they are coming up with now though…


Whatever the changes, we can be sure that it will cost $$$$ in the long run. :rolleyes:

BTW, Hi Foxie Roxie!


Hi Sugar! :flowers:


whatever the chages are - i hope the meal plan is still available to the DVC people…


has anyone heard anything new on this?


I am extremely curious as well. Any updates you guys???


Maybe they will lower the prices!!