Possible problem with adr's


I will not be able to get my adr’s until May 3rd. Is it going to be a problem if my travel agent isn’t going to be around that week? She’ll be back on the following week. I’m afraid that I won’t get the reservations that I want. What do you think? These are my dinner plans

Breakfast Boatwright
dinner Ohana’s
Breakfast captain’s grill
lunch food n wine festival
dinner coral reef
breakfast main street bakery
dinner cyrstal palace
lunch flame tree
dinner biergarten
dinner le celliar
dinner cape may cafe
dinner whispering canyon

What do you think? I have a few days to fill in for breakfast still


Your plans look good.

You can call and book everything at 180 days as long as you have your reservation number.


Since your agent is going to be out of town why don’t you call? Personally I love making my dining reservations…I would especially call since you want a Le Cellier reservation…people have trouble getting them when they call from the 180 day mark, I would not wait on that.


You actually don’t even need that, I’ve made many dining reservations before I’ve made resort ressies and I’ve never had issues.


I could make an ADR for our first day at 180 days but I didn’t have our reservation number with me at the time and the CM wouldn’t let me book past that one day. I even called back and a second CM told me I had to have my reservation number to book the extra days.


Do they have a 1 800 Number? I don’t have long distance and the last time I was on the phone with them I was on there for about an hour. I have a cell phone but it’s limited on minutes.:blush:


Yes, there a toll free number–1.877.939.3732


Depending on WHEN you are going I would call right when the lines open 180 days out . . . some of the ressies are SUPER hard to get these days!


Great! Thank you. Yes I’ve read of some people making their reservations at the 180 days and still had a hard time. I’m going in oct-nov. My 180 day is in may. I didn’t think waiting for the travel agent to come back was going to be a good idea. Thanks


You do not need a travel agent to book your ADRs. Call WDW DINE and do it on the first day you are allowed (180 days before the first day of your trip). I woudln’t want someone else making mine…


You can book without reservation number too.
No one ever asked me for it. they just wanted my name and dates :blush:


Your ADR’s are under your telephone number…then name and then place you are staying.