Possible trip in january 2010?


So I was hangin with my friend and her boyfriend one day last month, and her boyfriend “C” was like “yeah, we should totally go to DisneyWorld”, and my friend “L” has never been, and it sounds like C is serious about saving money to go during WDW’s slower time. :ohmy: Cause last time I saw em, he mentioned it without me even bringing up a word of Disney.

Yayness?! I still hope to go with my dad to any weekend Orlando business trips just to check in with casting and see if they could hire me seasonally. But yeah.

I’m hopeful; I just got a tiny raise at work! :laugh:


Sounds great! Isn’t it weird that 2010 is not far off any more? :eek:


I know!! It’s WEIRD! We’'re all hoping that the “Celebration” lasts for another year, since L and I both have birthdays in mid january, two days apart. It’d be a cheaper trip that way. :laugh:


YAY! That’s not far away at all - it would get here super fast!! :happy: I hope it works out!


I’m doing the marathon in January and plan on spending a week down there afterwards. I’ve been told that prices/discounts won’t be posted until sometime in August. I like to plan MUCH earlier than that…seems like a long time to wait…


January is the best time of year to go. Light crowds and the lowest prices. Just avoid marathon and holiday weekends.


Sounds great Screever. Hope it works out. Now remember, save that raise!!!


I’ll try…but its SO HARD! When did I become such an anti Scrooge McDuck? I’m spending money like a lady! :laugh:

But really, I can save if I knuckle down. It’s C and L I’m worried about. :frowning: But we’ll see what happens! Maybe I’ll just go alone. :eek: