Possible visit to Tokyo (Disney included, of course)


There is NOTHING definate yet but talks on a possible trip to Japan is being thrown around for Spring Break '07. :phone: DH & I would just be going for a week and only staying in and around Tokyo, since we’d be first timers. Of course I want to see Mt. Fuji, and all the other amazing tourists musts but naturally we WILL HAVE TO check out Tokyo Disney and MOST IMPORTANTLY the park I am OBSESSED with; DisneySea. :wub: :wub: :wub:

Anyway, if anyone has ANY suggestions on guide books, web resources, information, etc. that we could start purusing for Tokyo I would GREATLY appreciate it! :happy:

Our biggest concern would be finding a “European Style” hotel (I am NOT sleeping in pods or drawers people :wacko: :blink: :wacko: , I DO WATCH the Travel channel, haha) in Tokyo for an “affordable” price.

We’ll see, keep your fingers crossed.

Of course, this WOULD most likely mean no WDW in '07 but I think this would be TOTALLY worth it :wink:


I have never been and have nothing to input! :tongue: Just that I hope this works out for you and hubby! It’s sounds wonderful!!! :wub:


OMG, that is a once in a lifetime trip!!! I hope it all works out and you guys get to go. That will be an AMAZING TR to read!!!


yet again Wish - DC BFF’s - I’m obsessed with Tokyo Disney Sea too!!!
I hope you get to go!!! Keep us updated (obviously :tongue:)


OK, maybe you should come with me instead Tess. I am WAY more into it than DH is!!! I want to take someone who’d REALLY appreciate it!!!



I finish my WDWIP contract on March 23rd though…that’s after Spring Break :crying:


Oh, Wish, a trip like this would be so amazing! I can’t wait to hear more about your plans as they develop.


Gosh - I must be living in desolate,remote, snow-covered prairies (oh, right, I am :pinch: ) but WHAT is Disney Sea??? I’ve never even heard of it.


Only one of the coolest, most intruiging, interesting, odd, and curious DISNEY PARKS EVER!!! :wink:


You HAVE TO check out some of the attractions!!! :happy: Whacky, I WANT TO GO!!! hehe :wub:


Well, sonofagun! Who knew? And this was built - when?

Hey - why does Tokyo get TWO Disney parks? :dry:


Same reason DL has California Adventure, I suspect – because if people can see the exact same thing over at WDW then they will be less likely to go to Tokyo or DL.

I would LOVE to go to Japan, Tokyo, and/or Tokyo Disney/DisneySea.

Oh, and if anyone has seen Cardcaptor Sakura, I’m fairly sure the Tokyo theme park the characters visit at one point is meant to be Tokyo Disney. :happy:



are you saying that Mickey will be dressed in elegant dresses and able to fly around with little stuffed yellow bear thing that comes to life? Yeah i knew it. I wonder how much Pocky they consume there.


blink :huh:

blinkblink* :huh: :huh:


Or, as Kero would say (with an Osakan accent, of course) “KO-NO-NO-NI-CHI-WAAAA!!!”

Minnie does kind of have that Tomoyo vibe going…

Well, no, she doesn’t quite. :laugh:

To-ki-oh, Dis-ney-Sea, a world of won-ders for you and me, come on, sing along! To-ki-oh, Dis-ney-Sea…


hahaha. I used to watch it on Cartoon Network when i was younger. Personally i’m a fan of Trigun and Cowboy Bebop.


OH! Then I heartily recommend the subtitled and non-edited version – it’s VERY good and the US release as “Cardcaptors” is really not the same show. The characters’ personalities are almost wholly different, due to cutting and pasting scenes, dubbing in dialogue very different from the Japanese series, and changing everyone’s personality to make them more marketable to US audiences. I’ve never seen Trigun, but Cowboy Bebop is one of very few which has been brought over in a good dubbed version.

You would know Tomoyo as “Madison” except she’s one of the characters who has been changed the most. It’s a loooonnnng story.



well that’s pretty much the story with all animes that come over to the US. They all turn into crap…well…80% of em. A few others that are well worth watching are Gungrave (made by the creators of Trigun), Wolf’s Rain and, even though it’s perverted, Ninja Scroll. I’m actually headed to an anime convention here in Boston in a few weeks.


Ah, I see! We get them on eBay and I think the convention will have some good offerings.

Disney has been releasing Miyazaki’s films in the US and doing very good voice work for it, not surprisingly.

We tend to like a rather peculiar, eclectic array of anime series – Cardcaptor Sakura, Serial Experiments Lain, Cowboy Bebop, Ebichu, Loki Ragnarok Detective…

eating tomato Pretz


ah Lain is a good anime. A really random, but VERY funny one is …ooh…i forgot the name…oops lol. It’s on Adult Swim all the time. Another good one is FLCL


I wouldn’t know, not having access to Adult Swim…



I have seen about half of FLCL; somehow I just lost interest about halfway through the series.

I have liked some other things by Studio Gainax (who did FLCL) though. Magical☆Shopping Arcade Abenobashi is fantastic! :wub:

I won’t post a link here for another of Gainax’s series, Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster, because it makes South Park look clean… It’s like the anti-Hamtaro. :laugh: