Post Count Reduction - No More Arguing


Ok folks, I’m officially tired of arguing about anything. This place is supposed to be fun, but there’s been so much griping lately that it’s been difficult to find and read the good stuff.

So, I just deleted all of my argumentative posts from the two worst offending threads. If you don’t know which threads those are, consider yourself fortunate. :wink:

Maybe I’ll start a trend, but that doesn’t matter much to me.

I’m done arguing.

“… and a smile means friendship to everyone…”


Does that mean we can get back to planning and help to plan WDW and DL trips? Bout time…


Great idea, Matt! What a guy!!!


I’m just waiting for the derned December AP rates to come out. :fork_off:

But, we’re having budget issues, so, we might just end up staying at PC for our trip (and one night at the GF?)


Sounds great to me!!! :biggrin:


I PMed Mickey with the request to close that particular thread!!!


Done arguing? No you aren’t…

Just so people don’t flame me…IT’S A MONTY PYTHON JOKE…

“I’m here for an arguement.”
“No you aren’t”
“Yes, I am.”
“No, you aren’t”
etc. etc. etc.
“An arguement is just simple gainsay on what the other person said”
“Yes it is”

And so on.



Same Here, Matt. I hope they come out sooner then the other months before.

I didn’t know we could delete our messages either. My mom always said, and I mean ALWAYS, “If we don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” Janelle


That would be awfully tough for some people. They’d never be able to talk. :wink:



Sounds like a good thing I haven’t been around for a few days!!! I sure hope this doesn’t continue.


Good Job Matt! I have been biting my tongue and just ignoring some of the wrong type of threads. It’s just not fun reading. I am new to the site and have been hooked. My DW asked if she could have the www address because I am having way to much fun.


I guess its a good thing I didnt see the posts. Because if it was bad talk on DL I probably would have started to argue :-(, one thing im not too too fond of. So yea I totally agree with all ya, we should just have fun and not argue :slight_smile:


I’m getting the strong feeling that Matt is actually a Canadian living in the US? Oooh nasty jab…but then again, I come from the country of peacemakers. I’m hearby declaring Matt to be an honorary Canadian. Just don’t try to use that at the border, it probably won’t work.

Then again, given our performance in Athens, maybe being a Canadian means you’re a nice person, just not a great athlete (HELLO CANADIAN GOVERNMENT - we can waste millions in Ad Scandals, but not pay athletes???)

Bad, bad me. Not trying to start anything here…llama probably understands this message all too well…


Hey now! The US may not be perfect… hmmm, I wish I could add to that. :wink:

Buzz, how exactly are Canadians peacemakers when no country takes Canada seriously enough to pick a fight? :whistling:

Hey, I know how you guys might be able to beat the US. Get a bunch of guys together to form a basketball team. It apparently doesn’t take a whole lot of fight to beat the US NBA players. :tongue:


Okay, isn’t this where someone starts singing “It’s a small world after all…”


I am laughing my butt off … on this recent trip to WDW, we saw more then a few adults acting like children …real good fit throwing. one time I saw this woman off to the the side crying and screaming at her family … DH told me that he and the girls had seen her earlier giving the one finger salute to her entire family …eeeeeekkk how ugly can you get!! I come back from WDW and there is a storm going on here at DC. Matt your a first class adult :slight_smile:


a ha a ha a ha…


Well that resolution didn’t last long, did it? :sad:


We saw alot of that when we were there, too! I find that stuff pretty funny as well. Matt, I agree with tink!