Post Easter Visit


Great news - I and my oldest are off to see Mickey April 6th - 10th. Any idea how heavy the crowds will be right after Easter?


we where there at that time frame in 08 and 07. And from what I remember the crowd levels start to go down towards the end of the week along about Thursday to a more manageable level but the first couple of days after Easter is packed. We made good use of extra magic hours which will help some, I also remember the lines where very bad at MK during that time for all the rides and than at AK the day we went it was shoulder to shoulder and we did not get to do that much because it was very difficult to get around with a stroller. But in the end I would do it again because any time away from home to unwind is time well spent in my books especially at a place like disney after a long cold winter. Good luck and have a safe and wonderful trip.


Thanks! We go often enough that if we do not get on a particular ride, that is fine. I just want to enjoy some Mickey time!!


We were there last year the the Friday following Easter and were surprised at how low the crowd level was at MK…we’re going again this year the 4-8/4-11. It’s a peak time, but we’re just going to roll with the flow, get in what rides we can and have doing it. I hope you have a great trip.


From what I remembered that once Thursday got there the Easter crowds where all leaving. it was like night and day on the size of the crowds once Wed. got over with.
I just wish I could convince the DW to go down for a few days that week I am suffering from a serious work overload and need a break away from work and the home to unwind but she says not enough cash to do it so I will just have to settle for planning the next trip.


We’re going down April 16 -24th. Does anyone know if the crowds will be more manageable then? We have my brother who needs a scooter with us,Thanks


I was there last year April 20th - 24th. It was perfect. The weather was in the low 80’s and absolutely no lines.


We were there last year week leading up to Easter and the week after. The weekend of Easter and the few days after we avoided the parks but we were find by the end of that week.


still kinda busy cuz a few school groups are there