Post Trip Blues


The family and I have been home for over a week now and I have finished my annual Disney DVD that I make. I now feel sad! What remedy is out there for me now?
We think that we should watch on Sunday evenings a Disney Movie to bring back the days of “The Wonderful World of Disney” we had growing up. We would bring up “Marlin Perkins… Mutual of Omaha”. That always seem to play just before WWoD.



You could do a trip report, if you have not did one already . I know most here love reading them and I always enjoy them. Then you could jump right into planning that next trip.[COLOR=“Blue”][/COLOR]:mickey:


Best remedy there is is to start planning a new trip.:blush:


I couldn’t agree more!! My PDD has also set in… so I’ve been starting to browse things for our next trip, like menus for new places to eat and things like that, especially since DH has said he wanted to try the deluxe dining :eek: so we could do alot of the 2 credit meals…


It’s SO hard! For me it helps to edit all my photos, make a scrapbook maybe, do a trip report here on Mousebuzz, etc. Then, of course, ultimately the only thing that makes the pain go away is starting to plan your next trip. :pinch: :tongue:


I just tell anyone who will listen all about my trip. I’m sort of obnoxious about it, I guess.:blush: It is hard to come home after so much fun.


Do a TR!! It will make you feel better and we would all LOVE to see the fun time you had! :happy:


Yes … Having a conversation about next years trip is an “Upper”. The Family and I plan on staying at the CBR next trip… ARRRRRRRGH !!! The Trip report will be something to look forward to as well, I still have some kinks to get out of our new DVD and that will allow me to keep it fresh! Our goal is to stay 2 weeks next time. We just ran out and purchased some Grey Goose Vodka so the DW can feel like she is back in France at Epcot! She had tried the Grand Mariner… it was O.K. , but she fell in love with the Grey Goose Slushies. Just a lil’ something to look forward to again …


Funny, but I go cold turkey on Disney after a trip. I think it takes me about 3-4 months before even checking in to MB at all. Just seems like there is no reason for me to get worked up so soon after a trip. Im usually Disney-ed out.


I usually go cold turkey too. Not because I’m Disney’d out, buy rather because I miss it too much & need time to accept the fact that I’m not going to be there for another long while. Some people just don’t get it, which is why I’m so grateful to have this site to chat with real Disney lovers. People at work & most friends think I’m crazy to want to go back so many times. I think you should just start planning a new trip & also the idea of sorting pics & doing scrap books is a great one too.:laugh:


I agree with those who jump right into planning the next trip. We had a weekend trip a few weeks ago, and got home on Sunday night, and Monday morning I began planning our August trip. While I’m kind of in a lull now because I’ve picked our resort and booked our ADR, it did help with the post trip blues. Not sure what I’ll do after August lol.


I like to spend time reading the internet message boards and looking for news about what is happening at WDW.

I would love to read your trip report if you put it together!


I’ve posted my first day trip report under… “Trip Reports” Who would have guess??? LOL