Post your favorite Disney photo


Post your favorite Disney photo. Mine is my family Lisa, Kevan, Ingrid and Andrea


Any Disney picture is a favorite.


STOP! :pirate:

Some of us are diabetic here!:laugh:


Hey the photo on the hammock looks so cool did photopass take that or you guys:mickey:


this is just one of many of my favourite photo’s our honeymoon:mickey:


It was a photo pass/session at the grand floridian.


You have a beautiful family!

I really want to do photo session on of these trip. The pics I have seen have been amazing and everyone seems happy with their photos.


the photo looks so good you all look so happy together- we are considering a photo session in September,


this is just one of my favorites from disneyland last may (the rest are on disc and these are about to be moved to disc soon ~ have to make room for disneyworld pictures this may!)


DD (then 10, now 14) at the Studios.


I think it would be absolutely impossible for me to pick one favorite, I am sure I have hundreds over the years that I cherish BUT I do :heart: this one. I took it with my tri-pod during our Thanksgiving '07 trip & ended up using the photo as our Christmas Card.


That’s tough. I’ve always liked this picture. It was taken in either August or September of 2001. I love how I’m smiling (candid shot of me), looking out. :happy: (Also love how incredibly goofy Rachel looks! :laugh:)


Now I keep finding other Disney photos I like!!! I want to post them all! :laugh:


Here are two of my favorite photos ever. The first is from 2007’s pirate and princess party and the second is from 2003.


That is such a great picture!

(But my second thought? “Hey! That must be Dumb and Dumber!” :laugh:)


this is me and fiance in Norway’s gift shop

this is me and sister with our certificate for being the first to ride Space Mountain that day


[QUOTE=Andrea;943037]That is such a great picture!

(But my second thought? “Hey! That must be Dumb and Dumber!” :laugh:)[/QUOTE]

:laugh: I was thinking along those same lines…


The more I look, I feel the same way. They are all great pics.


My name is Rachel and I’m new to the site, my sister (southern belle), and my dad (gingles) are both on it. But I thought my first post could be a cute Disney pic of my sister and I! :biggrin:


Welcome to MB. I love the pic. You both look so cute.