Postcard Pixie HELP!


I’m trying to get some help from a postcard pixie, but I can’t find the thread. I’ve seen some shortcuts posted…but when I click it, it says I don’t have access :sad: :crying: …maybe a moderator can HELP me. :blink:…or anyone??? I would like to have postcards sent to my DS 9 and DD 3 for our upcoming trip to Disneyland… :angel: :flowers:


Give this link another try.


The Postcard Pixie thread is in Chit Chat forum and only members with over 100 posts can view it. You may be able to get someone to send you a postcard through this thread.


Oh gosh I didn’t realize it was in Chit Chat :huh:

Well unome, just keep this thread on the front page and you’re bound to find someone who can send a postcard or 2 for you! :mickey:


It’s mostly a sefety thing.


Makes sense, most definitely. I am more comfortable with it being there.


Here is the official thread for postcard pixies.


Still don’t have permission…not anywhere near 100 posts… so if ANYONE is will to help me please please please let me know…



ANY postcard pixies out there? :wub:


I’d be happy to but I’m going to Disneyworld, not DL, sorry hun :frowning:


Hi Kristina! I am not going to be in Disneyland anytime soon, BUT when DW and I worked there, we aquired TONS of postcards, and have plenty to spare. If you would like, I could send your kids a couple, however they will be postmarked from Palmer, Alaska! :smile: If you are interested, please PM me and let me know, and I could get them out ASAP!



Well, Aladdin got sent somewhere really cold once, remember? Jafar sent him and Abu and Magic Carpet into a very snowy place. Maybe Aladdin’s back for a visit!


Thanks Mr. Incredible!


I can send your post cards from WDW. I am at DTD every couple weeks and would be happy to help you out.

Just PM me your info.