Postcards anyone?


My family and I will be in WDW from 8/23 - 9/2. If anyone would like a postcard from the world, please PM me with your info and we will send one to you. We did this last year and my kids had fun picking out cards and writing little messages.


You are so awesome to offer this!! I will pm you right now with our information. This will really get my kiddos excited about our trip in November.


It’s our pleasure. We’ve gotten a few from fellow MBers and my kids wonder where they came from. My little guy wants to know how Mickey Mouse knows we’re coming to see him, lol.


Thanks! I just sent you a PM.:biggrin:


That’s awfully nice of you to offer.


Awesome idea…and I sent ya PM…


Thanks for the offer. I will pm you my address!!
My kids will love getting a postcard from other children! Thank you so much!


I have you all down in my passporter! Our pleasure really!!


That is sooooo awesome! You guys are going down the EXACT same time we are!! haha. Have a great timeee!


Very cool, maybe you’ll run into us!! It will be me, my dh, & 2 kids and my twin brother, his wife & their 3 kids. We’re a motley looking crew, so beware, lol!!! Where are you staying? We’ll be at the Pop


Im going to send ya a PM! I was just thinking about sending one to my Nephew. Thanks so much!!!


This is the last call for postcards. We’ll be in WDW from 8/23 - 9/2. For those of you who already PM’d me, I have your info all ready to go! If anyone else would like a card, please PM me with your info, card preference, etc.


I just PM you with my info. Thanks!!


Thanks for offering, Goofy! I’ll PM you my info.

I don’t have any kids, but I’ve got alot on my starving artist plate right now, so a little magic would be cool. :blush: