Can anyone give me the average price for a postcard at Disney?

A fellow classmate of mine is taking his family to Disney next week - I found out about the trip during a break during class last night. I asked if he would be willing to send postcards from the characters to my boys and he said he would be happy to!

I don’t want him to pay for the cards and was wondering how much money I should give hime for three postcards.

I might see if I can still get Disney stamps at the post.


I might even have him send DH one from Pocohontas - his favorite character from the whole vacation (one character greeting line he had no problem waiting in). She could invite him back to WDW - tee hee!


As far as I can recall, postcards are $0.49 each, but some can be more expensive if they are more than just a picture.

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s such a small amount of money. I sent postcards to some of my new friends here at DC when I went down. Perhaps, instead of giving your classmate money, you could get him a small gift as a token of appreciation.