Posting a picture


I’m not sure I know how to post pictures. :confused:
I know how to choose a picture to load into the comment, but I don’t understand the sizing. How do you make sure the picture is the right size?


For both hot dogs and hamburgers (regardless of file types), they have to be 500 x 400.

Just open up a photo program (Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Paint, etc), crop out any extra junk you don’t want, and resize them.


Hamburgers and hotdogs…hehe… it took me a few minutes to get that one. I’ve never heard that one before… leave it to Kip.


LOL. That’s how I was taught to fold paper when I was a kid. :laugh:


Hotdogs and Hamburgers…I don’t get it. :confused: :pinch:


Hamburgers are portrait hotdogs are landscape.


See! When folding paper, folding lengthwise is folding it “like a hotdog” and folding top to bottom is folding it “like a hamburger.” I’ve just always referred to photo orientation the same way. Even when I was doing photography classes.:laugh:


Um, I still don’t get it. :blush: I have Microsoft Photo Editor and Photoshop. I know how to open the picture with one of them, but I don’t understand the resizing that is required for that size.


I am glad Kim asked (makes me look less like a dork–or does it?)


Okay, Photo Editor doesn’t work very well, I don’t like the way it reduces the pictures, but I use it and here’s how:

Open picture with Photo Editor.

Click on “Image” from the tool bar, and pick “resize” from the drop down menu.

The Resize window will pop up. Where it says “units”, access that drop down menu and choose “pixels”. Now the “width” and “height” are in pixels.

Adjust those numbers until the picture fits within the parameters of no bigger than 400x500. Click “okay”.

Does that make sense for you?


ROFLLL, ROFLLLL :laugh: :laugh:, the visual demo almost made me shoot soda through my nose, lol…


I think so - thanks! I’ll try to test one in the testing forum in a little while.


Thanks! I just tested one in the testing forum - and it worked!